Avinoam Megiddo

Avinoam Megiddo

Date: 27th August 2017
Avinoam Megiddo, BA, Cognitive Science, MS (Ed)
Metacognition, Maths, Geography Teacher 

Avi graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Cognitive Science. Avi has taught SAT and other test preparation since his college years. He was a high school mathematics teacher in California for several years before moving to Korea, …

email: a.megiddo@embassyschool.org


… where he taught university English as a Second Language and other language courses for 8 years


Avi is completing a Master’s Degree in Education at Purdue University.


Avi has a passion for creating interactive online learning activities and environments and is active in the interactive content open source community. He is a fan of cloud collaboration, and uses interdisciplinary and task-based approaches. He believes learning should be fun and memorable, and that teachers should cater to all kinds of learners.


We all possess our unique set of talents, skills and experiences, so we should put ourselves in positions that help us reach our full potential.


In his free time Avi enjoys biking and cooking among other things. He has always loved modern jazz and plays a bit of jazz piano. He used to play saxophone in high school and college, and would like to give it a second shot.

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