Frank Maher

Frank Maher

Date: 14th January 2016
Frank Maher, BSc (Hons), PhD, PGCE
Physics, Chemistry Teacher, Exams Officer / Secondary Coordinator

Frank has been teaching at both secondary and tertiary level for the past 15 years. Having completed his PhD in Trinity College Dublin, he continued to work as a Post-Doctoral researcher for several years publishing various papers on his work. He subsequently moved to secondary teaching and  …

email: f.maher@embassyschool.org


… on completing his PGCE worked for several years in Ireland before moving to teach internationally. Frank has taught Chemistry and Physics in International Schools in Poland, China and Colombia. He has taught Science to students of all ages in High School and has held leadership roles including Head of Department and Head of Year. He is also an IB Examiner in Chemistry.


As a teacher, Frank has adhered to a constructivist philosophy in his teaching. Science is an investigative field and it is best learnt through a student-centered approach. The new ideas students discover in the classroom must replace older ones and so they must be central players in their own learning where the teacher facilitates their varied learning methods. He is committed to ensuring his students grow to be independent and confident young leaders.


Frank has travelled extensively and it is many years since he left his native Ireland. He enjoys the international context and being a part of and building a multinational community. With this in mind, he is a committed international teacher striving to deliver quality education with international-mindedness. He is excited to return to Poland and be a part of the Embassy School.

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