Ewa Mróz

Ewa Mróz

Ewa Mróz, MA, PGCE 
Year 1 Teacher / IPC Coordinator

Ewa obtained her MA degree from the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin where she studied English philology. She then went on to complete postgraduate studies in Written Specialized Translation at the UNESCO Chair of the Jagiellonian University. …

email: e.mroz@embassyschool.org


She qualified as a teacher in Pre-school and Early School Education at the Pedagogical University of Cracow. Ewa has experience working both with children and adults, in a variety of settings. For the last 5 years she has been working in an international school, with pre-school and Lower Primary children.


Ewa believes that effective learning begins when children feel safe at school, enjoy the time they spend there and when they are motivated to learn, and that it is one of the teacher’s duties to make these things happen.

Barbara Evans

Barbara Evans, BA, MA, CELTA
Year 2 Teacher

Barbara received her B.A. in teaching in Krakow under the auspices of Marie Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin. She later obtained her M.A. in English Literature from the University of Silesia and has been a teacher for a number of years working in Poland, Romania and Korea. …

email: b.evans@embassyschool.org


In Korea, Barbara taught in lower primary at Dulwich College Seoul International School. This gave her invaluable experience being part of a worldwide community at a well-established and ever expanding school.


She believes that education should be a memorable experience for children and schools should offer a friendly learning environment where all the pupils are challenged, inspired and their opportunities are maximised. 


Barbara enjoys the challenge and sense of adventure that living and working in different countries has given her. Learning about different cultures is definitely one of her passions. She also enjoys arts and crafts.

Jeff Silver

Jeff Silver, BA, B.Ed, TESL
Year 3 Teacher / IPC Coordinator

Jeff received his Bachelor of Education in Primary Years from the University of Queen’s in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He considers himself an internationally-minded educator with experience teaching students from a diverse range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds from over forty …

email: j.silver@embassyschool.org


… nationalities. He has spent the last eight years abroad teaching at international schools in Thailand and Dubai.


Over the years of teaching in different international settings, Jeff has developed an expertise in differentiating curriculum to meet the individual language or learning needs of students. His philosophy of teaching derives from his experience working with pupils from all corners of the globe and is based on the belief that learning should be inquiry-based and pupil-centered. He believes that an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning will empower pupils to be self-directed and to strive to be lifelong learners. 


Chelsea Roncato

Chelsea Roncato, BA, B.Ed
Year 4 Teacher

Chelsea received a BA in Applied Science from the University of Guelph in Canada. She later received a Bachelor of Education degree from the Schulich School of Education where her focus was on primary teaching. Since receiving her qualifications, Chelsea has had the opportunity…

email: c.roncato@embassyschool.org


 … to work in many culturally diverse class settings, which has allowed her to enhance the quality of her practice.


At the onset of her teaching career, Chelsea spent a year in South Korea teaching at an English academy to students of varying ages. This experience was incredibly valuable because it gave her first hand experience working with students in an international environment. Chelsea has spent the last two years working as both a supply teacher and full time class teacher in London, England. Chelsea enjoyed working in London as it is a multicultural city with schools that are inclusive and celebrate their unique diversities.


Chelsea’s teaching aim is to provide students with the encouragement that they need to become effective learners and manage students in a fair, inclusive manner that fosters the student’s development both cognitively and socially. I provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum allowing them to learn in a creative and engaging environment.

Anna Conn

Anna Conn, BA, PGCE
Year 5 Teacher / Primary Coordinator

Anna obtained her degree in Music, Art and Design from Manchester University, England, and followed this with a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education, at Crew and Alsager College. She has taught in a variety of schools, both in the private and state sectors within diverse areas…

email: a.conn@embassyschool.org


including Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Oxfordshire. Anna’s experiences have served to strengthen her belief that each child should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. To this end she encourages the children to embrace their learning and to link knowledge gained in a variety of subjects, so enriching their understanding of the wider world. Skills should be not only gained and practiced, but also enjoyed and shared. Anna has helped children apply these principles: through costume and prop making for school productions; by preparing entrants for Drama Festivals, and success in exams with the ABRSM.


Anna’s philosophy is that education should produce confident resilient individuals that can communicate and express their considered thoughts coherently. This begins with an understanding of each child’s starting point and with a nurturing environment. Starting her own education unable to speak English, she can empathise with this aspect of international education.


As Anna believes that learning should be a lifelong activity she has continued with personal studies. These have helped her to understand the importance of neuroscience in the learning process, which helps to support the ethos of the International Primary Curriculum.

Anyah Wysoczynska

Anyah Wysoczynska, B.Ed, M.Ed  
Year 6 Teacher / Maths Coordinator

Anyah received her Masters Degree from The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology at Marie Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin. Her approach to teaching is to bring the atmosphere of trust, respect and love into the classroom environment. She believes in empowering and encouraging…

email: a.wysoczynska@embassyschool.org


…children to learn in a fun manner. Anyah promotes active learning because children make sense of the world through hands on experiences, using all of their senses to learn effectively.


She took part in Erasmus Programme at Stanmillis University College in Belfast, Northern Ireland. After graduation she continued to work in the educational field and has ten years in with a variety of teaching roles in Primary Schools in Northern Ireland. Anyah also has experience teaching English as a Second Language in the Primary and Secondary School setting, as well as working with children with Special Educational Needs children.


Anyah is gifted creatively and this is apparent in her innovative classroom. She has previous experience in working in creative media and photography. She effectively addresses different learning styles and is focused on differentiated learning needs to ensure that children are learning at their full potential.


Anyah enjoys music. She has been a soloist at Belfast Community Gospel Choir and also has been using her musical gifts at various events that were focusing on delivering global and diversity education initiatives.

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