Anna Conn

Anna Conn

Date: 27th August 2017

Anna Conn, BA, PGCE
Year 5 Teacher / Primary Coordinator

Anna obtained her degree in Music, Art and Design from Manchester University, England, and followed this with a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education, at Crew and Alsager College. She has taught in a variety of schools, both in the private and state sectors within diverse areas…

email: a.conn@embassyschool.org


including Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Oxfordshire. Anna’s experiences have served to strengthen her belief that each child should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. To this end she encourages the children to embrace their learning and to link knowledge gained in a variety of subjects, so enriching their understanding of the wider world. Skills should be not only gained and practiced, but also enjoyed and shared. Anna has helped children apply these principles: through costume and prop making for school productions; by preparing entrants for Drama Festivals, and success in exams with the ABRSM.


Anna’s philosophy is that education should produce confident resilient individuals that can communicate and express their considered thoughts coherently. This begins with an understanding of each child’s starting point and with a nurturing environment. Starting her own education unable to speak English, she can empathise with this aspect of international education.


As Anna believes that learning should be a lifelong activity she has continued with personal studies. These have helped her to understand the importance of neuroscience in the learning process, which helps to support the ethos of the International Primary Curriculum.

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