Anna Sowa

Anna Sowa

Date: 14th January 2016
Anna Sowa, BA, MA
Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry Teacher / International Officer

Anna graduated from the Jagiellonian University with a BA in Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry, an MA in Chemistry (specialization: Forensic and Conservation Chemistry) and teacher training as a Chemistry specialist. Anna has been involved in popularizing chemistry among young people…

email: a.sowa@embassyschool.org


… and children for several years. She took part in Małopolska Noc Naukowców in Laboratory for Forensic Chemistry at Jagiellonian University and conducted classes for children as a part of the Children’s University.


She has always been ready to share her knowledge with others. With each year her passion for teaching only increases. Her philosophy of teaching is to show young people the beauty of science that is hidden in the objects of everyday life. She believes that teaching science, especially chemistry, should be done by experiencing experiments that explain what and why things happen in  the world.

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