The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) is a very highly regarded and prestigious school leaving qualification which represents a significant achievement for young people.


The IB DP follows on from the popular IB Middle Years Programme, itself a continuation of the Primary Years programme. The Diploma Programme is not only the oldest of these programmes but also the best known and most respected.


As a discriminator diploma for University, it is very well respected and enjoys wide recognition.


Permission to offer the IB Diploma exams is granted after a lengthy and thorough inspection process from the IBO which typically takes about three years. The Embassy International School started this process in January 2016.


For Polish citizens we can also arrange a programme of study leading to the Matura exam. This can be in combination with A levels. Please see the information under Upper Secondary to understand what we are offering at the moment.


Each and every pupil is treated on an individual basis with individual programmes of study put together for them based on their needs and situation.

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