Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Date: 8th January 2016

At Embassy International School we are very enthusiastic about offering extra-curricular activities and clubs for our pupils and families. School is about building and celebrating a community, exchanging experiences and making our time in Krakow as fulfilling and joyful as we can.


If there is something you would like to see, an activity you want to create or have created for you, please come in to the school and tell us.

List of clubs in [PDF]


Extracurricular activities 2017/2018


Basic Polish language course for foreigners

Leader: Magdalena Frączek (fraczekmagdalena@gmail.com) – outside agency

Brief description: Learn the basics of Polish language: how to communicate in everyday situations.

Age restrictions: Available for both children and parents

Location: Room A 2.6



Bio Club

Leader: Agnieszka Szubryt (a.szubryt@embassyschool.org)

Brief description: Investigate the processes occurring in leaves in autumn, and micro-life with the slides we make. Work on interesting projects, e.g. connected with flying mechanisms in birds. Cultivate plants and watch documentary movies. Meet fortnightly, Wednesdays 3.30-5.10pm

Age restrictions: Students of Year 7 to 10

Location: Science Room, Building C



Board games club

Leader: Łukasz Michalik (l.michalik@embassyschool.org)

Brief description: Strategic games for older students.

Age restrictions:  Year 5 and up

 Room B 2.5



Embassy School Ceramic Club

Ceramics 1 (younger group)

Leader: Dorota Zaleska (d.zaleska@embassyschool.org)Location:

Brief description: Explore the magic world of clay. Tuesday, 15:45 to 16:30

Age restrictions: from Year 1 to Year 3 (age 5 to 7)

Location: Project Room in building C


Ceramics 2 (older group)

Leader: Dorota Zaleska (d.zaleska@embassyschool.org)

Brief description: Explore the magic world of clay. Wednesdays

Age restrictions: from Year 4 up (ages 8 and up)

Location: Children visit Dorota’s own pottery – Kaolin Studio in Kraków once a month.



Chess Club

Leader: Avinoam Megiddo (a.megiddo@embassyschool.org)

Brief description:  Every Thursday from 15:30

Location: Assembly Hall



Choir – Adults

Leader: Joanna Gutowska-Kuźmicz (J.gutowska@embassyschool.org)

Brief description: A chance for parents and teachers to practice their signing skills. Wednesdays from 15:30

Age restrictions: 18 and above

Location: Assembly Hall


Choir – Primary

Leader: Małgorzata Marchwiana (Gosia) (m.marchwiana@embassyschool.org)

Brief description: Primary choir (MM): Singing club for children. We learn how to use voice properly and have fun singing together. Mondays

Age restrictions: Primary Students

Location: Music room, C 2.2


Choir – Secondary

Leader: Joanna Gutowska-Kuźmicz (J.gutowska@embassyschool.org)

Brief description: We learn how to use voice properly and have fun singing together. Tuesdays

Age restrictions: Secondary students

Location: Music room, C2.2



Climbing club Forteca

Leader: Miłosz Nycz (milosz.nycz@cwf.pl) – outside agency

Brief description: 120 minutes per session. The group is always supervised by the qualified instructor who adjusts the activities depending on the age and abilities of the participants. There are other activities available, e.g. swinging. Teacher children ratio is 1:5.

Age restrictions: ages 8 and up

Location: Forteca Club



Dance club

Leader: Tatyana Bunyak (nyaktatyana@gmail.com), +48 796465583 – outside agency

Brief description: Different dance styles such as hip-hop, house, locking, afro, modern jazz, experimental dance. Thursdays, 15:30 to 16:30

Age restrictions: 3-7 year old

Location: Room C 1.7



Eurythmics for children and parents

Leader: Małgorzata Marchwiana (Gosia) (m.marchwiana@embassyschool.org), Monika Grochal and Karolina Sokołowska

Brief description: Eurythmics for children and parents is a great opportunity to spend time together, having fun with the music. During the meetings we will use Emile Jacques Dalcroze method, also known as Dalcroze Eurythmics. Once a month, Saturday

(Greek for “good rhythm” or “good flow”).

Age restrictions: Children from 1.5 to 4 years old

Location: Assembly Hall





Science Club


Karate Club


Robotics Club



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