Jeff Silver

Jeff Silver

Date: 1st March 2016
Jeff Silver, BA, B.Ed, TESL
Year 3 Teacher / IPC Coordinator

Jeff received his Bachelor of Education in Primary Years from the University of Queen’s in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He considers himself an internationally-minded educator with experience teaching students from a diverse range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds from over forty …

email: j.silver@embassyschool.org


… nationalities. He has spent the last eight years abroad teaching at international schools in Thailand and Dubai.


Over the years of teaching in different international settings, Jeff has developed an expertise in differentiating curriculum to meet the individual language or learning needs of students. His philosophy of teaching derives from his experience working with pupils from all corners of the globe and is based on the belief that learning should be inquiry-based and pupil-centered. He believes that an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning will empower pupils to be self-directed and to strive to be lifelong learners. 


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