Team Sport

Team Sport

Date: 11th January 2016
Paweł Lempart & Filip Mendyk 
PE, Swimming Coaches

Team Sport s.c. – Paweł Lempart & Filip Mendyk – are a company with rich experience in the field of sports and recreational activities. Their experience comes from working as athletes, teachers, instructors and coaches. Sport and spending time actively has been their main…

email: team.sport@embassyschool.org


… passion from an early age. Since childhood, they have been spending every spare minute in an active way. Today, they enjoy sharing their experience and knowledge with others and helping children to enjoy sport to the fullest of their ability gives them particular satisfaction. Their idea is also to instill a healthy and active lifestyle in their pupils through participation in the different activities that they organise, as well as by breaking down our own personal barriers and weaknesses.


For them, sport is not only an active way of spending time, it also means gaining knowledge about how to care for our own physical culture.


Team Sport’s motto is: “As long as you try, you are the winner.” Thanks to this, the children who participate in their activities integrate very quickly and pursue their common goal of physical fitness and fun.


As a company, Team Sport organises summer and winter camps and has a large team of specialised teachers. They teach swimming, skiing and snowboarding skills and also how to play and master tennis. Team Sport also run their own cycling club, organise active trips for adults and conduct personal training sessions during which they make use of a variety of innovative sports and recreational activities.

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