Danielle, Early Years Teacher

Danielle grew up in New York City and was inspired by the multicultural environment to move to Poland and serve as a cultural ambassador for the United States. Danielle graduated magna cum laude with her bachelor’s degree from Loyola University Maryland. This is her third school year working as an early year’s educator in Krakow, having experience in a bilingual international school. 

Danielle’s teaching philosophy is to always be adaptable. Whether you need to adapt to the student or classroom, to world events, to unprecedented situations, students, especially young learners need a dependable teacher to guide them. One of the most creative aspects of teaching is that there is no one correct way to teach, as there is no one correct way to learn. With early education learners, it is essential to deliver the tools they need to discover how they can grow best. Danielle believes in teamwork and with the help of others to create a better future and teach this mindset to her students. 

As a volunteer, Danielle has been able to work with a diverse group of people. She participated as a tutor for a secondary school student and worked with an after-school mentorship program of a primary school with at-risk boys. Danielle participated in numerous special events such as Special Olympics, wildlife cleanups, and as a guide for an adult with intellectual disabilities. She believes in teaching the importance of service to her students and the different ways we can make a positive impact.