Anyah, Year 6 Teacher, Primary Maths Coordinator

Anyah received her Masters Degree from The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology at Marie Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin. Her approach to teaching is to bring the atmosphere of trust, respect and love into the classroom environment. She believes in empowering and encouraging children to learn in a fun manner. Anyah promotes active learning because children make sense of the world through hands on experiences, using all of their senses to learn effectively.

She took part in the Erasmus Programme at Stanmillis University College in Belfast, Northern Ireland. After graduation she continued to work in the educational field and has ten years experience with a variety of teaching roles in Primary Schools in Northern Ireland. Anyah also has experience teaching English as a Second Language in the Primary and Secondary School setting, as well as working with children with Special Educational Needs.

Anyah is gifted creatively and this is apparent in her innovative classroom. She has previous experience in working in creative media and photography. She effectively addresses different learning styles and is focused on differentiated learning needs to ensure that children are learning at their full potential.

Anyah enjoys music. She has been a soloist at Belfast Community Gospel Choir and also has been using her musical gifts at various events that were focusing on delivering global and diversity education initiatives.