Benedykt, PE Teacher, Music Teacher, Piano Teacher

Benedykt is a man of many passions and hobbies. A true people person and always busy learning or teaching something new. Excelling in all manner of creative work, he believes, that if you want to change something, you must start with yourself.

Because of this attitude, he can be an example of a healthy lifestyle for the pupils. Always on the move, Benedykt is an active triathlete and climber.As one of the PE teachers Benedykt brings a lot of experience from sport clubs, where he worked as an instructor of climbing, swimming and gymnastics with children even before graduating from the University of Physical Education in Kraków.  

Benedykt is also a musician, with music playing an important role in his life. Regardless of whether he is playing, (he can play the piano, percussion and guitar) learning, listening or teaching, he is doing it with all his heart.