Jolanta, School Psychologist

Jolanta is a Jagiellonian University graduate ( MA program in organisational and developmental and educational psychology), completed the PhD program at Carleton University in Canada (with the same specializations), and holds a BA in English Philology from MCSU in Lublin (specializing in teaching and American Literature)

 For the last 20 years Jolanta has been working for the Polish MoD and is currently the Chief Psychologist at Polish Special Operations Component Command, overseeing the work of all the units’ psychologists. She sits on the board of experts at NATO Special Operations Headquarters working on Human Performance Optimisation (Mental Resiliency Panel). She has a lot of experience working with military families, Deployment Children, does family and couple therapy, crisis interventions and used to deploy herself. Developmental psychology has always been her passion and proved to be very useful while assisting families with problems. She consults children from all age groups.

She strongly believes that every person is unique and deserves individual attention, that every child is gifted and it is the professionals’ mission to unveil those talents. Rather than leave the child alone to master their talents, she would like to integrate them in the classroom and teach children how to work together, how to become sensitive to each other, teach them to recognise emotions and react to them appropriately, support each other and create synergy. She wants to show children that a safe, friendly, welcoming environment is absolutely necessary to facilitate healthy development, optimal learning and individual growth.

Jolanta fully supports the school’s mission to create classrooms free from bullying, discrimination, aggression and violence offering a solid value system based on kindness, humanism, passion, enthusiasm, and empathy. Social and emotional development create grounds for poly-sensory stimulation and discovery based learning which in consequence lead to optimal cognitive development.

Apart from being a lover of psychology, philosophy and medicine, Jolanta likes travelling, sports, interior design, entertaining friends, cats and horses, and music, jazz in particular. And yes, she is a workaholic…