Renata, German Teacher

Renata graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow with a Masters Degree in German Philology with an additional speciality in “teaching German language”.

She lived in Germany for a long time with her German husband and three bilingual children. There she obtained a BAfMF license which allowed her to teach German as a foreign language. After coming back to Poland in 2012 she set up her own centre for teaching German where she set out to make it a place of passion for language, creating a large amount of new and innovative and interesting material for her pupils to work with and through which to grow a love of language learning.
She made it a place where all must speak or at least try to speak German. Her motto is: let the
students forget that they are learning a foreign language and instead make them want to
communicate in this language!

“Ich weiß mein Glück zu schätzen, beruflich das tun zu dürfen, was für mich im Leben von
Bedeutung ist: mit Menschen zu sprechen, zu erfahren, was sie erlebt haben, was sie denken,
fühlen und träumen.”