Wojciech, Secondary Coordinator, Maths Teacher

Wojtek graduated from the University of Kazimierz Wielki in Bydgoszcz with a Masters degree in mathematics (specializing in teaching). During his studies, he was involved in education as the president of the mathematics teachers association at his university.

His tasks included popularising mathematics among children and young people. In the last year of studies, he got his first job at school.

After graduation, he moved to Krakow where he successfully worked with students of all ages. During several years of his work at school, he proved to be a passionate teacher whose enthusiasm and commitment positively motivated not only students, but also teachers.

As a mathematics teacher, Wojtek looks for methodical solutions to show mathematics as a passionate subject, which is useful in everyday life. He is interested in neurodidactics and modern teaching methods. Therefore, modern technologies are integral part of his classes.

As a teacher, he tries to reach every student, setting requirements to the best of his abilities, individualising work during the lesson, thus allowing all students to succeed. Wojtek motivates students to strive for knowledge, but also cares for peer relationships in his class.

Wojtek is also a committed youth educator. Under his supervision, the Student Council in 2016 won the “Silver Scepter of Krak” and the “Crystal Bell” for the most interesting local government actions. On his own initiative, Wojtek takes part in workshops, conferences and other forms of professional development both in the country and abroad to improve his teaching skills. He is also a member of the Association of Mathematics Teachers.

In 2018 Wojtek was awarded the title of “Teacher with passion” by the Mayor of Krakow for exceptional achievements in the field of teaching.