Our Team

School management

Dr Lindsay Davidson, B. Mus (Hons), Dip. Mus. Ed, PGCE, MA (Ed), PhD
Director of Education

Dr. Lindsay Davidson brings twenty years of teaching experience to the Embassy International School. This experience covers all age groups within the school, from Nursery through to the final years and extends beyond into University lecturing and includes a variety of curriculum areas. …

email: l.davidson@embassyschool.pl



… A major feature of Lindsay’s career has been teaching workshops internationally, on 4 continents in topics ranging from music to teaching. Lindsay has also taught for the Institute of Music Education at Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.


Dr Davidson’s teaching philosophy is based upon a belief that we can all succeed at any time in life and from any starting position and is framed within the theory of Multiple Intelligences from Howard Gardner and growing research in the field of brain based learning. He has developed his own methodology of teaching musical instruments, with proven results, supported by research.


Lindsay’s leadership experience started from a young age with musical ensembles, leading to his own music school based in Edinburgh, and after moving to Poland in 2001 continued to develop through project management and consultancy. Lindsay spent ten years working in the British International School of Cracow, several of them as Senior Teacher, IB Coordinator and Deputy Head and there he oversaw the redevelopment of policies, creation and introduction of a pastoral care programme, quality control procedures, organisational streamlining, expansion and delivery of a new management structure as well as serving as University and Careers Advisor.


Lindsay studied in Edinburgh University and Napier University, in Scotland, gained his general teaching qualification from Sunderland University, England and his Master’s in Education (including educational leadership) from Bath University, also in England.


Lindsay has an active life as a practising musician, writer and a composer, with concerts in over 40 countries on 5 continents and works performed and published across the world. His website discusses this in more detail. He also works as a translator from Polish to English.


Dr Katarzyna Kotulska,  MBA, PhD 
Director of Administration

Dr. Katarzyna Kotulska, Doctor of Economic Sciences in the field of management science, she has worked as an academic at the University of Economics in Krakow for 17 years and also works with the College of Banking and Management in Krakow. …

email: k.kotulska@embassyschool.pl


She lectures and teaches undergraduate and graduate students of the Faculty of Management in the subjects of Production Management, Controlling in Enterprise, Bonus and Motivation Systems, International Enterprise, Enterprise Science, Strategic Management. She is a specialist in the field of competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and has supervised dozens of undergraduate and graduate theses.


She has organised and participated in many international conferences, giving papers in Polish and in English. She is the author of numerous scientific papers and research projects in the field of company management. She was a member of an expert group undertaking business consulting.


Katarzyna has many years of association with international education, firstly as a pupil, as a participant in the Ronald Reagan United States exchange programme, and now as a mother of two children who have been almost entirely educated in international schools.


Based upon her knowledge and rich experience, she is co-creating a school that aims to provide children a sound and solid education, and also be a favourite place to spend time with friends. The school should inspire and develop creativity, and at the same time take care of a good upbringing and the desirable attitudes of young people.

Małgorzata Magda-Przybyszewska, MA
Polish Programme Coordinator

Małgorzata Magda-Przybyszewska is a Polish teacher who has accumulated substantial experience over many years teaching in a number of primary schools in Cracow and afterwards in middle school. She graduated from the Pedagogical University in Cracow and the Jagiellonian University.

email: m.przybyszewska@embassyschool.pl



Małgorzata gained her management experience as one of the founders and for eight years Headmaster of a private middle school in Tyniec, near Krakow. Over this time the school grew and gained an excellent reptutation for educational standards and institutional stability.


In the classroom, and everywhere where teaching and learnig occur, Małgorzata puts emphasis on using proper, nuanced and sophisticated language, in both both spoken and written forms. She takes care to introduce students to Polish and world literature, theatre and film.


In her free time she enjoys reading, travelling, admiring art, listening to various kinds of music.

Early years teachers

Dominika Braithwaite, MSc, PGCE
Early Years Teacher / Eary Years Coordinator

Dominika believes that the first years at school are a very important, formative experience. Therefore, the role of an Early Years teacher is to create an environment in which every child feels special, appreciated and respected, and which gives them the best opportunity to learn and develop.

email: d.braithwaite@embassyschool.org


Children entering school life have a lot of knowledge to take in, but they also have an enormous amount to offer – in Nursery and Reception their enthusiasm, natural curiosity and motivation should be nurtured and inspired with careful attention to individual differences and personalities.


Dominika studied at the Jagiellonian University and Akademia Ignatianum in Cracow.


Dominika is an Early Years teacher with over 10 years of experience. Between 2005 and 2012 she worked as a Nursery teacher and coordinator at the British International School of Cracow.


She is also a qualified translator from Polish to English and English to Polish and over the last 10 years has translated a wide range of texts, including poetry, film scripts, scientific publications and books on psychology.

Agnieszka Kulak, MSc
Early Years Teacher

Agnieszka is a pre-school teacher specialized in speech therapy, Polish philology and teaching Polish as a second language with many years of experience in working with children. Agnieszka graduated from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków. She was trained in all types of school…

email: a.kulak@embassyschool.org


and in the pedagogical diagnostic centre. She has taught Polish in Lviv, in Ukraine, and has also conducted international research into bilingualism and biculturalism.


Since her own school days Agnieszka has been working with children, starting as a scout leader. Years of voluntary service have given her a lot of experience in work with children from various environments, including with special needs or disabilities. She deeply believes that it is always possible to find a way forward for a child, through having respect for their individual nature. Agnieszka’s fundamental rule in teaching is to encourage children’s natural curiosity and give them acceptance and a sense of security.


Agnieszka is also a speech therapist and finds language development particularly important. Speech is a significant tool for self-expression, communication and building relations. In her work she pays attention to activities developing speech in an interesting and attractive way. She is deeply passionate about children’s poetry and draws upon this in her activities.

Agata Wilson, MA, PGCE 
Early Years Teacher

Agata is an Early Years Teacher also experienced in working with older age groups of children and youth. She is  passionate about intercultural education and is convinced by its immense value for creating a better world…

email: a.wilson@embassyschool.org


She obtained a M.A. in Arabic Philology at Jagiellonian University. During the time of her studies she was working with children through methods of non-formal education, mainly drama. She was granted a sholarship in the PIYE (Polish-Israeli Youth Encounters) Programme which allowed her to gain experience within the Arab and Israeli communities. In addition, it provided opportunities to explore the topics of conflict resolution, no-hate speech and education for peace.

She then completed her PGCE at Akademia Ignatianum in Kraków. She has been involved with the Creativity Educational Centre KANGUR, Kraków for 5 years as a intern and then as a creativity teacher. In the meantime she was working with children with specific educational needs in both Poland and England.
Her focus on Early Years education was a deliberate choice, as she believes that it’s a crucial and fundamental part of human life. Therefore in her practise as a teacher she uses proven and reliable methods, aimed at developing skills, supporting creativity and assisting with growth. Amongst them there are: Sherborne’s Developmental Movement, Bogdanowicz’s The Good Start Method, Laban’s Creative Movement and others.
Jadwiga Walusiak, MSc, PGCE
Early Years Teacher, Primary Assistant

Jadwiga received her Masters Degree in Recreation Movement/Sport from the University of Physical Education in Wroclaw. Her educational background has given her a solid understanding of the importance of physical development from the early years. …

email: j.walusiak@embassyschool.org


She sees sport as a unique way to work with children and instill meaningful values.

Jadwiga also believes that school needs to be a safe environment where children can grow emotionally, socially and intellectually.


Jadwiga graduated from the Akademia Ignatianum in Kraków having completed a Preschool Upbringing course.


She loves children and has international experience working with children in Germany and the UK.


Her teaching philosophy can be summarised by pedagogue Janusz Korczak who wrote “Tell the child that he/she is good, that he/she can and he/she is capable to do the things.” Jadwiga used to work in an corporate environment for a several years and through this experience has gained a strong set of communication skills.

Primary teachers

Ewa Mróz, MA, PGCE 
Year 1 Teacher / IPC Coordinator

Ewa obtained her MA degree from the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin where she studied English philology. She then went on to complete postgraduate studies in Written Specialized Translation at the UNESCO Chair of the Jagiellonian University. …

email: e.mroz@embassyschool.org


She qualified as a teacher in Pre-school and Early School Education at the Pedagogical University of Cracow. Ewa has experience working both with children and adults, in a variety of settings. For the last 5 years she has been working in an international school, with pre-school and Lower Primary children.


Ewa believes that effective learning begins when children feel safe at school, enjoy the time they spend there and when they are motivated to learn, and that it is one of the teacher’s duties to make these things happen.

Barbara Evans, BA, MA, CELTA
Year 2 Teacher

Barbara received her B.A. in teaching in Krakow under the auspices of Marie Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin. She later obtained her M.A. in English Literature from the University of Silesia and has been a teacher for a number of years working in Poland, Romania and Korea. …

email: b.evans@embassyschool.org


In Korea, Barbara taught in lower primary at Dulwich College Seoul International School. This gave her invaluable experience being part of a worldwide community at a well-established and ever expanding school.


She believes that education should be a memorable experience for children and schools should offer a friendly learning environment where all the pupils are challenged, inspired and their opportunities are maximised. 


Barbara enjoys the challenge and sense of adventure that living and working in different countries has given her. Learning about different cultures is definitely one of her passions. She also enjoys arts and crafts.

Jeff Silver, BA, B.Ed, TESL
Year 3 Teacher / IPC Coordinator

Jeff received his Bachelor of Education in Primary Years from the University of Queen’s in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He considers himself an internationally-minded educator with experience teaching students from a diverse range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds from over forty …

email: j.silver@embassyschool.org


… nationalities. He has spent the last eight years abroad teaching at international schools in Thailand and Dubai.


Over the years of teaching in different international settings, Jeff has developed an expertise in differentiating curriculum to meet the individual language or learning needs of students. His philosophy of teaching derives from his experience working with pupils from all corners of the globe and is based on the belief that learning should be inquiry-based and pupil-centered. He believes that an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning will empower pupils to be self-directed and to strive to be lifelong learners. 


Chelsea Roncato, BA, B.Ed
Year 4 Teacher

Chelsea received a BA in Applied Science from the University of Guelph in Canada. She later received a Bachelor of Education degree from the Schulich School of Education where her focus was on primary teaching. Since receiving her qualifications, Chelsea has had the opportunity…

email: c.roncato@embassyschool.org


 … to work in many culturally diverse class settings, which has allowed her to enhance the quality of her practice.


At the onset of her teaching career, Chelsea spent a year in South Korea teaching at an English academy to students of varying ages. This experience was incredibly valuable because it gave her first hand experience working with students in an international environment. Chelsea has spent the last two years working as both a supply teacher and full time class teacher in London, England. Chelsea enjoyed working in London as it is a multicultural city with schools that are inclusive and celebrate their unique diversities.


Chelsea’s teaching aim is to provide students with the encouragement that they need to become effective learners and manage students in a fair, inclusive manner that fosters the student’s development both cognitively and socially. I provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum allowing them to learn in a creative and engaging environment.

Anna Conn, BA, PGCE
Year 5 Teacher / Primary Coordinator

Anna obtained her degree in Music, Art and Design from Manchester University, England, and followed this with a Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Education, at Crew and Alsager College. She has taught in a variety of schools, both in the private and state sectors within diverse areas…

email: a.conn@embassyschool.org


including Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Oxfordshire. Anna’s experiences have served to strengthen her belief that each child should be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. To this end she encourages the children to embrace their learning and to link knowledge gained in a variety of subjects, so enriching their understanding of the wider world. Skills should be not only gained and practiced, but also enjoyed and shared. Anna has helped children apply these principles: through costume and prop making for school productions; by preparing entrants for Drama Festivals, and success in exams with the ABRSM.


Anna’s philosophy is that education should produce confident resilient individuals that can communicate and express their considered thoughts coherently. This begins with an understanding of each child’s starting point and with a nurturing environment. Starting her own education unable to speak English, she can empathise with this aspect of international education.


As Anna believes that learning should be a lifelong activity she has continued with personal studies. These have helped her to understand the importance of neuroscience in the learning process, which helps to support the ethos of the International Primary Curriculum.

Anyah Wysoczynska, B.Ed, M.Ed  
Year 6 Teacher / Maths Coordinator

Anyah received her Masters Degree from The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology at Marie Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin. Her approach to teaching is to bring the atmosphere of trust, respect and love into the classroom environment. She believes in empowering and encouraging…

email: a.wysoczynska@embassyschool.org


…children to learn in a fun manner. Anyah promotes active learning because children make sense of the world through hands on experiences, using all of their senses to learn effectively.


She took part in Erasmus Programme at Stanmillis University College in Belfast, Northern Ireland. After graduation she continued to work in the educational field and has ten years in with a variety of teaching roles in Primary Schools in Northern Ireland. Anyah also has experience teaching English as a Second Language in the Primary and Secondary School setting, as well as working with children with Special Educational Needs children.


Anyah is gifted creatively and this is apparent in her innovative classroom. She has previous experience in working in creative media and photography. She effectively addresses different learning styles and is focused on differentiated learning needs to ensure that children are learning at their full potential.


Anyah enjoys music. She has been a soloist at Belfast Community Gospel Choir and also has been using her musical gifts at various events that were focusing on delivering global and diversity education initiatives.

Secondary / Specialist teachers

Penny Turner, MA, (Hons), PGCE
English Literature Teacher

Penny Turner holds an M.A. Honours in English Literature from the University of Aberdeen which she studied alongside  English Language, Psychology and Philosophy. Penny went on to take a PGCE in teaching English Language and Literature, Drama and also Health Education…

email: p.turner@embassyschool.org


… (which is now PSHE). Penny believes that education is not just about teaching  “Subjects” but also about helping individuals to be the best they can be.


After teaching in London for some years, Penny went to Greece to teach there. Whilst in Greece Penny added teaching horse riding to teaching English, as well as becoming an examiner for all the suites for the Cambridge English examinations. She was an examiner for more than twenty years.


Penny has for a long time had a mission to “make everyone’s tomorrow a better tomorrow,” and she is passionate about environmental matters. Penny felt she would be able to  make most impact on future attitudes to protecting the environment if she  designed a Culturally Linked Language Learning course that combined learning English at FCE level and above with education about the environment. The project was financed by the British Council and Arkturos, ( an environmental NGO with a particular interest in the conservation of bears and wolves in Greece) Penny then took two courses at the World Famous Durrell centre in Jersey, and was then qualified to educate people about conservation, particularly of amphibians.  She designed a series of walks in the Mountains of Greece- and a guidebook “6 antidotes to technology” for the NGO Arkturos (in English and Greek) which was designed to help adults understand nature better. This book has become a blueprint for other environmental NGOs to use when  designing guidebooks and walks for other areas in Greece.


Subsequent to this Penny designed and built a Wildlife garden as part of a project to educate the public in Athens about the importance of the environment and to help people engage with the environment. This work was for a NGO called “Organisation Earth” in Athens, visited by thousands of people every year.


While doing these things Penny worked as a journalist and also travelled more than 8,000 kms on horseback through the wildest parts of Greece. As a result of these travels, and her writing on these matters she was honoured to be made a Fellow Of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of the Long Riders Guild. Her book about these journeys  “Lost in the Wilds of Greece, a love story” is “In Press” at the moment and should appear soon.


Penny does not have a conventional “CV” for an English teacher, but her life has been full of adventure and exploration both in the real world and in the world of thought.


Her philosophy for teaching has developed from her own passion for learning and understanding:

Not to tell people what to think but how to think, not what to learn  but how to learn. This, she believes,  will provide students with the freedom to make choices and give them  the tools to do whatever they choose to do.

Tripti Kumar, BA , PGCE 
English, EAL, Geography, Drama

Tripti received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Development Studies from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and her Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Sunderland, UK.  Tripti has spent the last three years…

email: t.kumar@embassyschool.org


… teaching Secondary English in Singapore. Prior to a career in teaching, Tripti has held jobs in publishing, advertising and marketing.


Over the years Tripti has sought to understand precisely what it is that makes students successful. It comes down to a handful of core practices; students must feel safe, they must be challenged, they must learn to collaborate, and their learning must be widely applicable. These principles underline her approach to education in an international context. As a third culture kid growing up in India, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada, Tripti has an intimate understanding of how to best serve the needs of a diverse student body.


Outside her teaching practice, Tripti enjoys live music, travelling, yoga, and independent films.


Frank Maher, BSc (Hons), PhD, PGCE
Physics, Chemistry Teacher, Exams Officer / Secondary Coordinator

Frank has been teaching at both secondary and tertiary level for the past 15 years. Having completed his PhD in Trinity College Dublin, he continued to work as a Post-Doctoral researcher for several years publishing various papers on his work. He subsequently moved to secondary teaching and  …

email: f.maher@embassyschool.org


… on completing his PGCE worked for several years in Ireland before moving to teach internationally. Frank has taught Chemistry and Physics in International Schools in Poland, China and Colombia. He has taught Science to students of all ages in High School and has held leadership roles including Head of Department and Head of Year. He is also an IB Examiner in Chemistry.


As a teacher, Frank has adhered to a constructivist philosophy in his teaching. Science is an investigative field and it is best learnt through a student-centered approach. The new ideas students discover in the classroom must replace older ones and so they must be central players in their own learning where the teacher facilitates their varied learning methods. He is committed to ensuring his students grow to be independent and confident young leaders.


Frank has travelled extensively and it is many years since he left his native Ireland. He enjoys the international context and being a part of and building a multinational community. With this in mind, he is a committed international teacher striving to deliver quality education with international-mindedness. He is excited to return to Poland and be a part of the Embassy School.

Adam Różałowski, BA Social Science Education
Humanities Teacher

Adam Różałowski graduated the University of Illinois-Chicago with a degree in Teaching of History and the Social Sciences and holds a teacher license from the State of Illinois. He is also certified by the State of Illinois to teach English as a Second Lanugage pupils. Currently he is enrolled in…

email: a.rozalowski@embassyschool.org


… an interdisciplinary program called The Erasmus Mundus Master of Excellence in Euroculture which he will complete this June. This two year program is based on mobility (consortium of 8 European and 4 Non-European universities of which he has attended 3 on 2 different continents) where developing research skills in the social sciences is paramount. Adam is currently doing research on the phenomenon of jointly-written history textbooks and the changing face of teaching history in an increasingly transnational world. 


Adam’s past teaching experiences span 3 continents and are as varied as the pupils he has had the pleasure to teach. He has taught American History at an American high school, Literature, reading/writing skills, World History, and various academic skills at a private school in Seoul, South Korea for 3 plus years. At this school he was also involved in research and development of a fully tablet based curriculum, one of the first of its kind. Adam has also been a full-time supply teacher at Asia Pacific International School, giving him a wide range of extra experience across an array of subjects.


Adam’s current interests include learning about how technology can help pupils reach a state of flow, the place where learning happens. In other words make it easy for pupils to cut out the time it takes to get organized and start learning. He is involved with an education start-up here in Kraków and also hopes to start his own project soon.


In his free time Adam enjoys being active, all kinds of sports but is currently playing ultimate frisbee, basketball and also enjoy jogging. On long weekends he enjoys going hiking and unplugging for a bit to recharge his batteries. Of particular note, he is also interested in video production, design, reading anything he can get his hands on, but especially nonfiction books. 


In Adam’s own words;

“My mission is to help people, pupils in particular, to become the best versions of themselves. As humans, we are born with a unique mix of talents that are filtered through the environment and culture which we inhabit. Most of all, I hope to help pupils become confident individuals that are self-aware and understand the world and their role in it. Also, I hope to teach pupils not only about the humanities and social sciences and all of the topics that come with the subject matter, but also skills and abilities they may apply to whatever challenges life may throw at them in the future. 


I look forward to working with all of you and building a better school for the local and international community.”

Avinoam Megiddo, BA, Cognitive Science, MS (Ed)
Metacognition, Maths, Geography Teacher 

Avi graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Cognitive Science. Avi has taught SAT and other test preparation since his college years. He was a high school mathematics teacher in California for several years before moving to Korea, …

email: a.megiddo@embassyschool.org


… where he taught university English as a Second Language and other language courses for 8 years


Avi holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Purdue University, where he majored in Curriculum & Instruction with a concentration in Learning Design and Technology.


Avi has a passion for creating interactive online learning activities and environments and is active in the interactive content open source community. He is a fan of cloud collaboration, and uses interdisciplinary and task-based approaches. He believes learning should be fun and memorable, and that teachers should cater to all kinds of learners.


We all possess our unique set of talents, skills and experiences, so we should put ourselves in positions that help us reach our full potential.


In his free time Avi enjoys biking and cooking among other things. He has always loved modern jazz and plays a bit of jazz piano. He used to play saxophone in high school and college, and would like to give it a second shot.

Łukasz Michalik, MA, PhD Candidate
History, Maths, Civic Education (WOS) Teacher

Łukasz graduated from the Jagiellonian University with a degree in History, specialising in 20th century history. From the beginning his research has been concentrated mostly on the Far East and the involvement of European empires in the region. He currently researches the part British…

email: l.michalik@embassyschool.org


…Commonwealth Occupational Forces played in the occupation of Japan. In his own words:



Probably my greatest passion. I knew I wanted to be a teacher since primary school. It was always more a question of what will I teach. I believe that every class and every pupil is different and you just can’t stick to one method and one plan and expect the same results. Teaching for me is about adaptation. Identifying strengths and weaknesses of my pupils and trying to come up with the best possible approach to help them improve. I try to encourage my pupils to seek knowledge on their own and view me only as a helping hand in their quest.



For me history is not about facts and dates. Of course they are important, but we can’t reduce history to just that. Specially on a school level. Not everyone is passionate about history, and I get that. So I concentrate on the teaching skills that studying history can greatly improve and develop such as:

  • critical thinking,
  • ability to see things from a different perspective,
  • debating,
  • finding the truth,
  • identifying causal links, and using historical examples to predict possible outcomes of situations.


Other interests

In my free time I’m a blend of a hiker and a nerd. As far as hiking goes I just love mountains, despite my fear of heights. Lying on a beach was never my thing. When I’m outdoors I just feel the need to walk and see new places. When I stay at home I prefer to read books (fantasy and s-f novels, history, and lately philosophy) or play games. I’m a big fan of strategy and role playing games because they can be effectively used to teach history. Either through reenacting political and military struggles or by letting students to go back in time and experience the life people once led. 

Ángel Barrajón, MSc
Spanish Teacher

Ángel Barrajón has experience at the Cervantes Institute in Kraków and the Jagiellonian University Language Centre, Poland where he is involved in training teachers at the Cervantes Institute in Kraków as well as in Spain as a Master’s Internship tutor. He has given lectures and educational…

email: a.barrajon@embassyschool.org


…workshops and teacher training organised by the Cervantes Institute and other institutions across Europe.


Ángel Barrajón has experience at the Cervantes Institute in Kraków and the Jagiellonian University Language Centre, Poland where he is involved in training teachers at the Cervantes Institute in Kraków as well as in Spain as a Master’s Internship tutor. He has given lectures and educational workshops and teacher training organised by the Cervantes Institute and other institutions across Europe.


As a teacher he has a strong work ethic. He possesses an open, accessible personality and is sensitive to the issues involved in cross-cultural communication,  having worked in different institutions in Kraków for many years. Ángel has considerable strengths in the field of teaching methodology of Spanish and Foreign Language teaching, educational technologies, language testing, assessment and material design. He is able to apply his research interests in applied linguistic and cultural studies to teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.


Ángel Barrajón has participated and coordinated numerous training events and teacher training courses for the Institute Cervantes in Kraków and has a particular focus on language assessment, how to create an optimal learning environment for pupils and how to use modern tools and techniques to aid learning.


His goal is to motivate pupils in discovering their inner strengths, abilities and the activities that truly inspire them.

Guenael Collin, MSc, PGCE
French Teacher

Guénaël sees the teacher as a guide who makes it possible for each pupil to make progress through their learning. Proposing a reassuring and stimulating environnement, he wants to bring pupils to autonomy. He attaches a lot of importance to teaching fundamentals, …

email: g.collin@embassyschool.org


…which then function as pillars for other learnings. Guénaël sees the teacher as a guide who makes it possible for each pupil to make progress through their learning. Proposing a reassuring and stimulating environnement, he wants to bring pupils to autonomy.


He attaches a lot of importance to teaching fundamentals, which then function as pillars for other learnings. As an enthusiast of active teaching methods, Guénaël likes that his pupils experiment, manipulate… and think! He also thinks that projects undertaken by pupils give sense to what they learn and so motivate them.


Since graduating from Education Nationale Française in 2002, Guénaël has been a teacher in all levels of primary school. As a teacher in small rural classes with several levels, he has learnt to differentiate his teaching methods in order to allow each student to make progress at their own pace. As a Head Teacher for 6 years, he successfully undertook several projects and strengthened links between families and the teaching community.


As a life-long lover of nature and a graduate in Master of Science and Environnement, Guénaël is now working on opening a « Pedagogical Center of Environmental Learning» in the Bielsko Biala region.


Guénaël discovered Krakow and Poland in 2001 during an «Erasmus» exchange with the Akademia Pedagogiczna. He came back many times, including a 2 year stay when he was French teacher for learners from 7 to 77 years old. His many travels brought him from Tamanrasset to Irkutsk passing through Reykjavik and Sofia and finishing in Krakow. These journeys taught him that, as Nicolas Bouvier said “You think you’re making a trip but you sson discover that the trip is making you or un-making you”.



Guenaël perçoit le rôle de l’enseignant comme celui d’un guide qui permet à chaque élève de progresser en étant acteur de ses apprentissages. En proposant un environnement rassurant et stimulant, il veut amener l’élève vers l’autonomie.


Il accorde beaucoup d’importance à l’enseignement des fondamentaux qui servent de piliers aux autres apprentissages. Adepte des pédagogies actives, Guénaël aime que ses élèves expérimentent, manipulent… et réfléchissent ! Il pense aussi que les projets, portés par les élèves, permettent de donner du sens à ce qu’ils apprennent et les aide ainsi à se motiver.


Diplômé de l’Education Nationale Française depuis 2002, Guénaël a enseigné dans tous les niveaux de l’école primaire. Enseignant dans des classes rurales à plusieurs niveaux il a appris à différencier ses méthodes pédagogiques afin de permettre à chaque élève d’avancer à son rythme. Directeur d’école durant 6 ans, il a pu porter de nombreux projets pédagogiques et tisser des liens de confiance entre les familles et la communauté pédagogique.


Amoureux de la nature depuis toujours et diplômé d’un Master en Sciences de l’environnement, Guénaël porte aussi actuellement un projet de « Centre Pédagogique de découverte de l’environnement » dans la région de Bielsko-Biala.


Guénaël découvre Cracovie et la Pologne en 2001 au cours d’un échange Erasmus à l’Akademia Pedagogiczna. Il est revenu à plusieurs reprises dont un séjour de deux ans au cours duquel il fut enseignant de français auprès d’élèves de 7 à 77 ans. Ses nombreux voyages qui l’ont mené de Tamanrasset à Irkustk en passant par Reykjavik et Sofia pour finalement revenir à Cracovie lui ont appris, comme le dit Nicolas Bouvier, que l’ “on croit qu’on va faire un voyage mais [que] bientôt c’est le voyage qui vous fait ou vous défait”.

Anke Graff-Coloru, MA
German Teacher

Received her MA from Heilbronn Fachhochshule and spent many years refining her ideas about communication in project management and marketing before moving into education…


email: a.graff@embassyschool.org



… Anke speaks English, French, Polish and Russian and as an enthusiast and learner of languages seeks to transport this enthusiasm for structure of communication to her students. Anke reflects upon her own experience of learning languages and uses this to inform her own language preparation.



Anke believes language education starts with listening, we leave our comfort zone to develop our speaking and go through much practice to create true movement of ideas between people. Developing language skills in the safety of a classroom helps us to feel at home, comfortable in other cultures and language environments, to help us take on the challenge of opening possibilities in a second language.

Anna Sowa, BA, MA
Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry Teacher / International Officer

Anna graduated from the Jagiellonian University with a BA in Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry, an MA in Chemistry (specialization: Forensic and Conservation Chemistry) and teacher training as a Chemistry specialist. Anna has been involved in popularizing chemistry among young people…

email: a.sowa@embassyschool.org


… and children for several years. She took part in Małopolska Noc Naukowców in Laboratory for Forensic Chemistry at Jagiellonian University and conducted classes for children as a part of the Children’s University.


She has always been ready to share her knowledge with others. With each year her passion for teaching only increases. Her philosophy of teaching is to show young people the beauty of science that is hidden in the objects of everyday life. She believes that teaching science, especially chemistry, should be done by experiencing experiments that explain what and why things happen in  the world.

Adam Zielinski, MA  
Geography Teacher

Adam is a graduate of the Pedagogical University of Cracow (Master of Geography Teaching); he completed postgraduate studies in “Nature Sciences” (Pedagogical University of Cracow), and postgraduate studies in education management (Jagiellonian University). …

email: a.zielinski@embassyschool.org


Adam has worked as a teacher for the last 7 years in all types of schools (Primary School, Middle School, High School) pursuing his career path. As a teacher he organized many tours in Poland.


Adam speaks Polish, English and Italian.


In his own words:

“I like to use everything I have learned from all my life experiences to create interesting, challenging lessons for my students. An important value for me as a teacher is accountability.”

Agnieszka Szubryt, BA, MSc in Biology
Biology, Science Teacher

Agnieszka graduated from Pedagogical University of Cracow in Biology and Science, as well as UMCS in Lublin in English Philology. She has finished her MA Studies at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, where she specialized in Translation. She has worked as an English teacher for some time…

email: a.szubryt@embassyschool.org


… now, her pupils being primary, secondary and high-school students. Her love for nature came into play surprisingly early – as a little child, she learned how to read using zoology encyclopedia. Today, she is a dedicated biologist, her main interest being ethology, that is, the study of how animals behave when not influenced by people. Her adventure with the English language started when she was 10 years old and has been her another passion since then.


She has always been eager to share her knowledge with others and with each year her passion for teaching is only increasing. Her main philosophy of teaching is focus on communication between teacher and students. The better the relations are, the more motivated and successful the pupils become.

Barbara Nowak, MA
Biology Teacher

Barbara graduated from Jagiellonian University with degree in Biology specialising in Anthropology, as well as  completed postgraduate studies in Family life education (Pedagogical University, Kraków). She has worked as an Biology and  Environmental education teacher for many years, …

email: b.nowak@embassyschool.org


… her pupils being mainly secondary school students. Her experience in teaching ranges from classroom teacher (with Student Biology Competition winners) to co-coordinator position in Comenius Project “Neobiota – globalisation among plants and animals and how to deal with it”. Neobiota are species which are non-native. Her students conducted ecological research on these species in the local environment which were shared between the seven European partners to compare results. Having completed expected results: gained knowledge regarding Neobiota, and professional skills in presentation and writing skills, etc., she and her students enjoyed the eTwinning Quality Label and including to Comenius Good Practices.


Her teaching philosophy is to show the students they “can do it”, and … get the most from sources of their wisdom.


Parallely, she is finishing her research on the role of interneurons of hippocampus in rodent models of depression, her scientific interests include histochemical, immunocytochemical, and histopathological investigations (Faculty of Pharmacy, Jagiellonian University, Kraków).


She is the mother of three children, which is by far the most important fact in her life, even if some children are already quite mature. Right after the children is the garden, where many years ago she planted the first trees and today enjoys their shade.

Dorota Zaleska, BA (Hons), MA
Art Teacher

Dorota received her Master’s Degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków, where she studied Industrial Design and completed her teacher training. She also holds a BA (Hons) in Ceramics from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Dorota worked in the UK at Stafford College in Stafford…

email: d.zaleska@embassyschool.org


… and at the Abbey School in Reading. In 2014 she was part of the team of ceramic artists invited to create poppies for the art installation around the Tower of London led by Paul Cummins.


Dorota also runs her own pottery – Kaolin Studio in Kraków, where she offers ceramic workshops to learners of all ages.


Her great passion is travelling and visiting local craftsmen all over the world. She then combines her experiences and observations in creating art projects for children.


She believes that the ability to relax through the process of making art is a very important skill in the modern world.

Suzana Ivković, Msc
Computer Science, ICT Teacher

„I strongly believe that in the years to come that technology is going to be an essential part of our lives in almost every area of human existence. What computers cannot replace are skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and effective communication. …

email: s.ivkovic@embassyschool.org


My goal is to help the next generation prepare for the future by developing those skills as well as understanding technology and exploring ways to make it work in our favour.“


Suzana graduated in Computer Science and Informatics from the Faculty of Electronics in Niš, Serbia. After graduation she spent 15 years building a career in the IT sector, starting as a software developer and making her way up to the head of software department and a member of the company management team.  She gained vast experience in different working environments, technologies and concepts by working with many corporate clients with different needs all over Serbia. Her areas of expertise include programming languages and environments, database management systems, applications architecture. During her first career she continued professional education in the fields of project management, business management and quality management systems and holds many certificates in these areas:


  • Internal auditor for ISO 27001:2005 (ISMS) and ISO 22301:2012 (BCMS) (Auro Standard)
  • Financing business development (Integrated Innovation Support Programme)
  • Leading a Development Team (European software institute)
  • Leading auditor for internal quality management systems ISO 9001, 18001, 14001 (Ei EuroStand)
  • Strategy development for IT organizations (European software institute)
  • Managing IT Projects (EBRD Business Advisory Services (BAS) programme)


Suzana is a proud mother of two children. Cycling, skiing, visiting new places or just watching a movie with her family are her favourite ways of spending free time. She also runs our after school Programming Club.

Ewelina Szremska, MA, PhD candidate
Economics Teacher

Ewelina received her Masters Degree from English philology (translation studies) at Polonia University. She then completed postgraduate studies in Law and Economics in the area of European Union, Human Resources Management and Project Management. …

email: e.szremska@embassyschool.org


She also graduated in her doctoral studies in Economics and Management at Warsaw School of Economics. Currently she is doing doctoral research on business management.

Ewelina completed various internships abroad in financial institutions and participated in the international conferences in terms of economics and business management.


Prior to joining Embassy International School, she was teaching IB Economics and Business Management. Her teaching style is direct and flexible in responding to constantly changing demands.

Aside from school, she has worked in the international financial institutions. Her experience and knowledge from economics and business area can be used to prepare interesting and challenging activities.

Sylwia Nirska, MA
Polish Primary School and Polish literature Teacher

Sylwia graduated from the Jagiellonian University (Polish Philology) and the Pedagogical University of Cracow and has been working as a teacher since 2007. Sylwia works with words – she is a philologist with a passion for language. When multitasking she is in her element. …

email: s.nirska@embassyschool.org


Sylwia also has also spent 5 years working in a special needs school which has given her experience working with children from different backgrounds, including special needs or disabilities.


Through her teaching, Sylwia wants to widen the perception of her pupils and stimulate their creativity, something which she promotes through innovative and creative projects.


In her free time she likes learning Italian, playing board games and riding a bike.

Małgorzata Marchwiana, MA in Music Education
Music Teacher

Małgorzata Marchwiana obtained her Master’s Degree from the Music Academy in Kraków, where she studied Music Education, specialising in Eurythmics. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism and Social Communication from the Jagiellonian University. …

email: m.marchwiana@embassyschool.org



… Małgorzata gained her experience as a teacher working and teaching music in various nurseries, kindergartens and a specialist music school. She cooperates with the Kraków Philharmonic in organising a series of educational meetings for children with disabilities.


Małgorzata firmly believes that music and movement are international languages which connect people. They not only develop the brain and the body but also boost social skills and self-confidence.


She plays the piano and the clarinet. In her free time, she dances, sings and plays in a Traditional Song and Dance Ensemble.

Zuzanna Iwańska, MA in Music Education
Violin and viola Teacher

Zuzanna is a classically trained instrumentalist and teacher, experienced in teaching and performing both classical and contemporary music. She graduated from the Academy of Music in Kraków and the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. In parallel. she continued to work as

email: z.iwanska@embassyschool.org


an instrumental and general music teacher in primary and secondary schools. Zuzanna’s idea is to teach music as a kind of language, to find ways to perform with joy and has  developed many music activities based on innovative methods and the psychology of creativity. She has a special interest in teaching about music technology and helping young people create songs in a popular and rock style using the latest recording and production software and techniques.


She is keen on modern methods of teaching and considers music a very important element in the whole education process. She believes learning music helps not only to express oneself but also to find connections with other arts and the sciences and gives the learner many wide ranging benefits, for example helping to stay mindful and focused.


Zuzanna has been performing, recording and making music from her early years. She still finds pure joy in music and the soundworld that surrounds us and is still active as a performing musician in many ensembles.


In her spare time Zuzanna writes songs and practises calligraphy.

Paulina Krok, B.Sc (hons) Psychology, MA
Primary EAL Teacher / ECA Coordinator

Paulina received her Bachelor of Science honours degree in Psychology from the University of Bradford, England. She later obtained her MA Early Years (New Leaders in Early Years) with Distinction and the Early Years Professional Status from the Canterbury Christ Church University…

email: p.krok@embassyschool.org


…also in England. While at CCCU she was sponsored by OMEP UK  (World Organisation for Early Childhood Education – United Kingdom) to attend the OMEP European Conference in Warsaw, April 2012 ‘Respect for a Child’ where she presented a paper entitled “The Childhood Narrative of a Polish Deportee to Siberia: a Lesson about Survival from My Grandfather”


She has been a teacher for a number of years working in England, Poland and Ecuador. In England, Paulina taught children within the Early Years Foundation Stage. Then she gained experience teaching English as an Additional Language in Poland and Ecuador. She spent the last three years teaching children the language through movement, music making, storytelling, singing, making crafts, sensory play activities and experiments in the hot and humid city of Guayaquil.

Paulina believes that education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. She wants to inspire children to seek their own answers and to encourage them to think for themselves in a safe and rich environment. They learn best when they feel motivated to participate by their natural joy and curiosity, when learning is active, and when they are engaged in hands-on classroom games and activities.

Gabriella Bakó, MA
Secondary EAL Teacher

As a criminologist, Gabi considers herself a good observer, which enables her to understand and empathize with her students better. She is always cheerful and is delighted to pass on some of her enthusiasm to her students. Gabi believes in the power of individualized learning,…

email: g.bako@embassyschool.org


… adjusted to students’ skills and needs, and in the potential of internationally minded students.


Gabi believes in the power of individualized learning, adjusted to students’ skills and needs, and in the potential of internationally minded students. She encourages her students to think critically, work creatively, communicate openly and cooperate efficiently. Having spent many years living in multiple countries, Gabi has gotten accustomed to working with people from various cultures, backgrounds and ages.

Kathleen (Kitty) O’Neill
Specific Learning Differences

Kitty has worked with children with special learning and developmental needs since her graduation from Cork College of Commerce, Cork, Ireland in 2003. Since then Kitty has done further studies specific to children with Special Learning and Developmental Needs. She has worked in a wide…

email: k.oneill@embassyschool.org


… variety of settings from Special Needs Schools, National School, ASD Units and respite care homes. She regularly liaised with other professionals such as teachers, parents, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, educational and developmental psychologists.


Kitty will work with staff and parents to devise individual educational plans, individual developmental plans and individual care plans. She will observe children with additional needs in class and work with them on a one to one basis. Kitty can aid any child with and issue and ensure they can develop with confidence among their peers.  


Kitty believes all children have a gift, but that they choose to open it at different stages in their lives. Kitty is a very outgoing and happy person, she believes children warm to her and work well with her support and guidance. She takes great pride in her work and finds it extremely rewarding, she will make every child feel confident, happy, secure and valued during its time with us in the Embassy International School Of Krakow.

Paweł Lempart & Filip Mendyk 
PE, Swimming Coaches

Team Sport s.c. – Paweł Lempart & Filip Mendyk – are a company with rich experience in the field of sports and recreational activities. Their experience comes from working as athletes, teachers, instructors and coaches. Sport and spending time actively has been their main…

email: team.sport@embassyschool.org


… passion from an early age. Since childhood, they have been spending every spare minute in an active way. Today, they enjoy sharing their experience and knowledge with others and helping children to enjoy sport to the fullest of their ability gives them particular satisfaction. Their idea is also to instill a healthy and active lifestyle in their pupils through participation in the different activities that they organise, as well as by breaking down our own personal barriers and weaknesses.


For them, sport is not only an active way of spending time, it also means gaining knowledge about how to care for our own physical culture.


Team Sport’s motto is: “As long as you try, you are the winner.” Thanks to this, the children who participate in their activities integrate very quickly and pursue their common goal of physical fitness and fun.


As a company, Team Sport organises summer and winter camps and has a large team of specialised teachers. They teach swimming, skiing and snowboarding skills and also how to play and master tennis. Team Sport also run their own cycling club, organise active trips for adults and conduct personal training sessions during which they make use of a variety of innovative sports and recreational activities.

Karolina Spyrka
Art Teacher




email: k.spyrka@embassyschool.org


Marian Mallen-Civit
Psychology Teacher




email: m.mallen@embassyschool.org


Paulina Seremak-Peczkis
Math Teacher




email: p.seremak@embassyschool.org


Liliana Kwarcińska
Special needs assistance

Lili has lived and worked in an international environment for the last 17 years. After graduating from Performing Arts School in Cracow, she joined an International Repertoire Theatre Company where she worked for 7 years, teaching English as a second language, in dynamic, creative ways. That work took her all over Europe, Asia and the US.

email: l.kwarcinska@embassyschool.org

Liliana is passionate about transforming lives, hope and beauty. About people living out their dreams, overcoming the impossible, reaching their full potential, knowing their identity. She has been, among other things, empowering and restoring dignity to homeless, elderly survivors of Genocide in Rwanda. Enabling and educating Cacao farmers in the jungles of Sierra Leone, during Ebola epidemic. Creating opportunities in the IT world for creative, talented young men in rural India. Mentoring future leaders of African countries at universities of South Africa, through leadership development programs.   

Lili loves to champion, empower and encourage people to reach high goals and their destiny. She is a trained life coach, mentor and a counselor.

At Embassy, Lili works alongside the psychologist and teachers to create individual, educational and developmental care plans for students. She observes children with additional needs in class and works with them on a one on one basis. Lili can aid any child with an issue and ensure they can develop with confidence among their peers. She is an experienced classroom assistant in a British Educational System, helping children with specific learning or behavioral difficulties as well as assisting foreigner students and helping them adjust to a new school environment.

At the moment Liliana is working on her Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy, at the University of Physical Education in Cracow.  This degree allows her to combine her passion for performing and visual arts with her desire to effectively help people, who found themselves in challenging seasons in life. She desires to use those tools along with a wealth of life experience, for the betterment of individuals. 

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