Photo gallery

Photo gallery

Museum of Municipal Engineering, March 2018

World Oral Health Day, March 2018

Protected: Gatsby Party, March 2018

Burns Supper hosted by Embassy International School and Wentzl Restaurant, March 2018

World Book Day, March 2018

Y 3/4 Pancake Day, February 2018

Year 3/4 trip to Marmolada Restaurant, February 2018

Nursery chemistry workshops, January 2018

A visit to the Regional Public Library, February 2018

Teeth cleaning classes, January 2018

Trip to Stary Kleparz, January 2018

Trip to the “Amazonia” Parrot House, January 2018

Ski Camp Italy, January 2018

Winter Concert, December 2017

Cookie Decorating, December 2017

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