Early years

Early years



Dominika Braithwaite  – Early Years Teacher




Agnieszka Kulak – Early Years Teacher




Agata Wilson– Early Years Teacher




Jadwiga Walusiak - Early Years Teacher, Primary Assistant

Early years

Our Early Years section is led by Dominika Braithwaite entirely in English. This includes the Nursery and Reception classes for children from aged three to five.


Early Years are located in building C, to the left hand side as you enter our complex, in large, bright and welcoming rooms on the ground floor. We also have our purpose built, certified, soft surface playground with swings, a seesaw, climbing frame, rocking toys and sandpit behind the building and a grassy area for playing.



We have a dedicated lunch room for Early Years with a separate food serving/reheating area and also a specially designed cloakroom for our least tall pupils.



Our central location gives us easy access to a number of educational opportunities within the historical city of Krakow.


Our educational methods and programme are designed to prepare children for the International Primary Curriculum they will follow with us in the coming years and are founded upon the theories of Multiple Intelligences and constructivism.



We place particular emphasis on devel oping communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional development as well as literacy, numeracy, understanding of the world, the expressive arts and design.



The day is structured to recognise the way small children function and learn, includes many opportunities for repetition of learning themes and activities, chances to build vocabulary, self-confidence, team work, time for gross motor development as well as fine motor development, outside learning and also rest. Please follow the links on the left to find out more about how we work with your children.



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