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The working, teaching and learning language of the school is English. We create special personalised programmes to help newcomers to English adapt as quickly as possible.



Summer school

Summer School 2018


General information – Embassy Summer School

The project-based approach allows us to introduce new skills, develop existing ones and inspire each child’s imagination and creativity to the best of their abilities. It also gives us the opportunity to work within all of the key areas of learning and development, and to carefully tailor activities to the needs, abilities and age of each individual child.


The idea is to immerse your children in the English language while exploring a range of topics from local history to environmental issues to inspire their imagination, creative thinking, expand their awareness about the world around them and help them express their thoughts, feelings and ideas through a range of media.


Please note that participation in trips for the very youngest children may be subject to approval and additional conditions. Again, there will be a wide variety of exciting and creative activites, including local attractions and making gluey, gooey, sticky and messy things.


Please note that all of our Summer School activities will be conducted entirely in English and so your child should be reasonably communicative in the language.


Summer school cost: 1000 PLN per week for children aged 7 – 12 and 700 PLN per week for children aged 3 to 7, with a reduced fee of 625 PLN per week for pupils of Embassy International School.



Summer school for children aged 3 to 7


WEEK 1 (30th July – 3rd August 2018): “Port side pirates”


Time: 9.00-16.00

Theme: Port side pirates 

Teachers: Agnieszka Kulak, Liliana Kwarcińska


Arghhhh! Behold, the pirates are coming! We will build (an almost) real pirate ship, set off for treasure hunts, make a pirate map and many, many Jolly Roger arts and grafts. We will also be playing with water and finding out what could swim and why? The week will be crowned with a costume ball (face painting included) Get ready for  amazing pirates adventures!

Trip: ship cruise along Wisła



WEEK 2 (6th – 10th August 2018): “Sweet, sweeter, the sweets”


Time: 9.00-16.00

Theme: Sweet, sweeter, the sweets

Teachers: Agnieszka Kulak, Liliana Kwarcińska


What is your favourite taste? Sweet? That’s great! We have a plenty of sweet, but no sugary, activities waiting for you! We will be finding out what our senses are and how they work. What is good for your body and how to prepare sweet, healthy snacks. We will spend some time in a kitchen cooking some surprisingly sweet cakes out of veggies. We will even paint with sweets!

Trip: “Ciu ciu” sweets factory



Summer school for children aged 7 to 12


WEEK 1 (30th July – 3rd August 2018): “Paddle On”


Time: 9.00-16.00

Theme: “Paddle On”

Teachers: Anyah Wysoczyńska, Paulina Krok


The children will be exploring, discovering and learning about  rivers and their conservation, canoes and will also do some cooking. We will learn about  handmade wooden canoes, create our own faux river in the garden, play at the water fountain and paddle down the Wisła river in the beautiful small town called Kamień. We will also learn about fresh, organic products and learn how to prepare simple yet delicious meals. There will be two main outings:

Traditional grocery market to buy ingredients for our cooking activities

A small village called Kamień where we will paddle down the Wisła river in handmade wooden boats provided by Racoon Canoes ( (1st August)



WEEK 2  (6th – 10th August 2018): “Detective Investigation”


Time: 9.00-16.00

Theme: Forensic science

Teachers: Anna Sowa, Monika Ciechomska


We would like to invite all creative, curious and open-minded children who want to try their hand at being a detective. You will be looking for evidence, analyse fingerprints, fibre, hair and pollen. During the week you will discover many mysteries about Krakow while walking the lovely streets of our city. You will also have a chance to investigate a place with hidden clues that will help you solve the detective riddle. After the exciting week you will be able to take the files connected with the case and pictures taken in the photo booth with Sherlock gadgets.



WEEK 3 (13th – 18th August 2018, excluding 15th): “Krakow through the lens”


Time: 9.00-16.00

Theme: Photography

Teachers: Anyah Wysoczyńska, Liliana Kwarcińska


This week we will have an amazing opportunity to venture into the world of Photography. We will learn creative ways of taking pictures. We will visit a real photo atelier, learn how photographs use to be developed and have a go at it. We will visit the Museum of Photography and go on an adventure, looking for places in the city, captured in old photos, creating a ‘Before and After’ image. We will learn to tell a story and express ourselves through pictures and we will have a chance to show it off in various arts and crafts projects. At the end of the week, we will have gained not only a new perspective and new skills but also several keepsakes.



WEEK 4 (20th – 24th August 2018): “Inspiration station – Discovering an Artist within”


Time: 9.00-16.00

Theme: Art

Teachers: Anyah Wysoczyńska, Liliana Kwarcińska


This week is all about unleashing your creativity! You will have a chance to try variety of visual art forms, that are not typically offered in art classes. You will have a chance to try painting on glass, have a chance to see a stained glass workshop, make a wooden plaque, to name a few.  The week will include going to a very unusual factory where you can create things out of chocolate as well as a field trip outside of Krakow, to work with an artist in his workshop. By the end of the week you will have worked with glass, wood, clay and dough, paints and even chocolate.











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