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The working, teaching and learning language of the school is English. We create special personalised programmes to help newcomers to English adapt as quickly as possible.

Summer school

Summer School 2017


General information – Embassy Summer School

The project-based approach allows us to introduce new skills, develop existing ones and inspire each child’s imagination and creativity to the best of their abilities. It also gives us the opportunity to work within all of the key areas of learning and development, and to carefully tailor activities to the needs, abilities and age of each individual child.


The idea is to immerse your children in the English language while exploring a range of topics from local history to environmental issues to inspire their imagination, creative thinking, expand their awareness about the world around them and help them express their thoughts, feelings and ideas through a range of media.


Please note that participation in trips for the very youngest children may be subject to approval and additional conditions. Again, there will be a wide variety of exciting and creative activites, including local attractions and making gluey, gooey, sticky and messy things.


Please note that all of our Summer School activities will be conducted entirely in English and so your child should be reasonably communicative in the language.


Summer school cost: 1000 PLN/ per week



Summer school for children aged 3 to 7

Time: 9.00-16.00

Teachers: Dominika Braithwaite, Agnieszka Kulak


WEEK 1 (31st July – 4th August 2017): “The world of music”

We will be exploring styles, forms and genres of music from different parts of the world. We will learn about various musical instruments and go for a trip to the  Krakow Philharmonic to explore their sounds. We will listen to and record the music around us, such as birds singing, water trickling, rain pouring, insects buzzing, etc. We will also make music with a variety of everyday objects and musical instruments made from recycling materials.

  • Trip to the Philharmonic


WEEK 2 (7th – 11th August 2017): “The Giant Jam Sandwich”

We will read The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Lord. We will take a trip to a bakery to see how bread is made and explore the process by making our own bread and jam at school. We will play with edible play-dough and experiment with various cooking techniques, such as freezing, baking, boiling, frying, melting, etc. This week will smell and taste lovely!

  • Trip to a bakery


WEEK 3 (14th – 18th August 2017): “Over in the Meadow”

We will read, sing and watch Over in the Meadow  from the Barefoot Books collection and learn about bugs, reptiles, insects and other little creatures hiding in the forests and meadows. We will make lots of creepy crawly art and crafts projects and visit the Butterfly Museum or the Natural History Museum to see them live.

  • Trip to the Butterfly Museum or the Natural History Museum


WEEK 4 (21st – 25th August 2017): “Up, Up, Up in a Balloon”

We will  read, sing and watch Up, Up, Up in a Balloon from the Barefoot Books collection and explore different means of travelling by air. We will talk about trips to far away places and how different the world looks from high above. We will visit the airport and make lots of balloon, airplane and rocket arts and crafts.

  • Trip to the airport



Summer school for children aged 7 to 12


WEEK 1 (31st July – 4th August 2017): “Kraków, the place we live”

Time: 9.00-16.00

Them: Touris

Teachers: A. Różałowski, Ł. Michalik

The first week of summer school has been designed for learners of different ages and skill levels. It is a week full of activities all based around the theme of “Kraków, the place we live”. The week will start off with different readings about Kraków’s famous landmarks, history and legends. We will focus on reading skills and vocabulary. The middle part of the week will be focused on using that vocabulary to write a script. We hope to go out into the field the last two days and with the use of that script create a “Welcome to Kraków” video that we can show to our families that are new to our school community. Students will learn how to create scripts and how to convey information with the use of technology.


WEEK 2 (7th – 11th August 2017): “Natural Krakow”

Time: 9.00-16.00

Them: Natural Kraków

Teachers: G. Collin, A. Wysoczyńska

The children will be exploring, observing and discovering the natural side of Krakow. We will be cooking, visiting the zoo animals, learning how to grow your own vegetables and much more.

  • Market and cooking
  • Zoo trip (pics, scavenger hunt, photo book)
  • Gardening (botanic garden)


WEEK 3 (14th – 18th August 2017): “Nature”

Time: 9.00-16.00

Them: Nature

Teachers: Ł. Michalik, Z. Wright, K. Michalik

The third week of summer camp will be all about nature and human connection to nature. Children will work to create their own guides to the most common trees of Poland. We have planned a special trip to Ojców so that they may gather specimens of leaves and flowers that they will put in their guide. At the same time children will exploring and talking about human impact on his surrounding, and how people changed the environment in the past, for better or for worse…


WEEK 4 (21st – 25th August 2017): “Experiment with Art”

Time: 9.00-16.00

Them: Art

Teachers: A. Conn, G. Bako

We will be immersing ourselves in Art. This is a hands-on week that will allow everyone to experiment with various media from chalk, oil pastels, wax relief to different paints. Our experiments will be combined to make individual art work as well as a group design. In addition to working with colour everyone will develop pencil techniques and discover how observation is an important skill for drawing and printing. The week will culminate with a display of everyone’s achievements. All abilities are most welcome, all you need is an open mind and old clothes!


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