Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

Date: 8th January 2016

At Embassy International School, we are very enthusiastic about offering extra-
curricular activities and clubs for our pupils and families. We provide our
students with the opportunity to develop their interest in various activities and
channel their energy into developing new skills.


Extra- curricular activities can help our pupils improve their academic
performance and social skills. Findings from the study of Implications of
Extracurricular Activity Participation During Adolescence on Positive Outcomes
(Zaff, Moore, Papillo and Williams, 2003) indicated that pupils who participated
in extracurricular activities in eighth grade to twelfth grade (year 9 to sixth form
in the UK) performed better academically and socially, even when the variables
of their context – such as parents, peers and the individual – were accounted


Our diverse extracurricular programme offers students the opportunity to
choose from a range of activities outside the academic day. Some of them are
run by our teachers and are free of charge for our pupils, whilst the others are
led by outside agencies and require an additional fee. 



Please remember that all extracurricular enrolments where possible are on a “first
come, first served” basis, please see our General Terms and Conditions.  Should

you have any questions in this regard, if there is something you would like to see,

an activity you want to create or have created for you, please come in to the school and tell us. You can also contact the office on +48 786 947 320 ,  +48 786 947 321 or the extracurricular activities coordinator Ms Paulina Krok at: p.krok@embassyschool.org





Extracurricular activities 2018/2019


Choir – Primary15:30 – 16:30C2.2
Homework club with emphasis on maths15:30 – 16:15A2.1 
Basic Polish language for foreigners – Children15:30 – 16:20A2.7
Science Club15:45 – 16:45Assembly
Piano – individual classes IndividualMusic r., C
TEDx13:20 – 13:50 C3.2
Robotics15:30 – 17:15A2.2



Detective School Club15:45 – 16:45A2.2
Choir – Secondary15:30 – 17:00Assembly
Ceramics 15:45 – 16:30Project r., C
Swimming – racing7:00KUE
Individual violin/viola lessonsIndividualA2.7
Polish Songs Club15:30 – 16:20C2.2
Gymnastics15:30 – 16:30A2.7
English for parents – beginners level14:40 – 15:25B2.4



Choir – Parents and Teachers16:00 – 17:15Assembly
ICT Programming club (C0DE.DES1GN#GAME)15:30 – 16:30ICT, Building C
Religion in Polish (YR 1, 2, 3)15:30 – 16:45A2.7
Dance Club15:30- 16:30C1.5
Piano – individual classesIndividualMusic r., C
MUN (Model United Nations)15:30- 17:00C2.7



Hiking Club (Primary and Secondary)15:30 – 16:20A2.8
Yoga for children15:30 – 16:30A2.3
Piano – individual classesIndividualMusic r., C
English for parents – intermediate level8:35 – 9:25B2.3
Football Club15:30 – 16:4034 Litewska street
Religion in Polish (YR 4, 5, 6)15:30 – 16:20B1.4
Breakdance15:30 – 16:20A2.7







Maths Club

13:20 – 13:50


Chess Club

15:30 – 16:30


Beauty Club

15:30 – 17:00

Science Room

Role – playing games RPG

15:30 – 17:00


Individual Guitar classes

15:00 – 16:45


Piano – individual classes


Music r., C

Individual violin/viola lessons



Football Club Yrs 5 – 8

15: 30 – 16: 40

34 Litewska Street 




Tennis club – Monday to Sunday





Zaff, J., Moore, K., Papillo, A. and Williams, S. (2003). Implications of
Extracurricular Activity Participation During Adolescence on Positive
Outcomes. Journal of Adolescent Research, [online] 18(6), pp.599 – 630.
Available at:
 [Accessed 10th November 2017]

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