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Science Corner









Dr Frank Maher - Physics, Chemistry Teacher


We view Science as an investigative process and we adopt a student-centred approach by encouraging our students to investigate scientific concepts first-hand wherever possible.


This allows them to explore new ideas, develop their practical skills and understanding as well as affording them the opportunity to cement their learning by applying it to real-life situations.

Science Corner

Date: 27th August 2017


Experiment A

Students investigating the relative strengths of electrostatic forces using an electroscope and electromagnetic induction using an induction coil.



Experiment B

Students investigating the generation and effects of static charge using a Van Der Graff Generator. Ouch!



Experiment C

Students using a pressure probe to investigate how temperature affects the rate of reaction between Magnesium and Hydrochloric acid. Remember, Hydrogen burns with a POP!



Experiment D

Students using a Vernier displacement probe and frictionless track to investigate the relationship between mass and acceleration.



Experiment E

Students determine the concentration of an unknown acid using titrimetric analysis.



Experiment F

Students learning to identify the metals in salts using the flame test.



Experiment G

Year 5/6 – Students investigating inertia and how the acceleration of car is affected by its mass using the LoggerPro system.



Experiment H

Year 7/8 – Students carrying out a heart dissection.


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