Sustainability Week in Early Years

Sustainability Week in Early Years

Date: 12th February 2019

During this very special week, the children participated in many interesting and engaging activities
to help them gain a better understanding about the importance of keeping our air clean,


saving our flora and fauna as best as it possibly can be right now and for our future. Each day was filled
with exciting activities and special guests who helped our younger members of the community
understand . The topic was introduced on day one with a viewing of the Lorax movie , which
made them realise that we have to look after what we have on this planet or there will be


The children enjoyed visits from Mr. Lukas who showed us his hissing cockroaches and stick
insects. Mr. Guenael told us all about the life of bees and brought in a real beehive.


The children were also very excited to visit the older classes and students to see their experiments, and findings too.


The Highlight of our week was a trip to the Zoo. The children were shown around the different
animal areas, and a guide explained to us about how certain monkeys are becoming extinct due
to trees being cut down and there is nowhere for them to live. The children also had an opportunity
to feed some animals carrots.


Other activities included making natural dye from vegetables and fruit to tie dye cloth, making
homemade paper from scrapped paper, a bee relay race and ladybug crafts.


It certainly was a fun and interesting week with some “wow” moments!


Thank you all for your support
Early Years Team


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