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Welcome to Embassy International School

Exclusive education based on British standards

Embassy International School offers an educational experience for the international and local community of all ages, from 3 to 19, from Nursery (Kindergarten) to the end of high school exams (A levels).

Our teaching philosophy is based on our commitment to teach pupils through metacognition and recognize the importance of brain science to teaching and learning.  Embedded in this philosophy are the principles of Multiple Intelligences (Howard Gardner 1983), which facilitates and inspires learning for all pupils and young people. Through our inquiry-based approach our pupils develop a natural curiosity for learning and for the world outside the classroom.

We believe that our philosophy of education instils a love of learning, it challenges pupils to develop their own minds and unique personalities, it allows us to truly know our learners and it gives us the capacity to address their individual needs.


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If you would like to come and visit our school and find out how we are realising our vision, 

please contact our office at 786 943 720 or  office@embassyschool.pl to arrange a time to come and see us.


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    On the 22nd October, most of our lower secondary students set out for their integration trip. The main goal of …
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    On Friday the 26th of October, The PTA, in collaboration with the staff from Primary, decorated the Assembly Room before …
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    From the 15th  to the 17th of October the pupils from Upper Secondary went on an integration trip to the …
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Esperanza Day in Year 6

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The teaching and learning language of the school is English. We create special personalised programmes to help newcomers to English adapt as quickly as possible.

Our vision is to create a community of internationally-minded global leaders who care about making everyone’s tomorrow a better tomorrow.
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