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Welcome to Embassy International School

Exclusive education based on British standards

Embassy International School offers an educational experience for the international and local community of all ages, from 3 to 19, from Nursery (Kindergarten) to the end of high school exams (A levels).

Our teaching philosophy is based on our commitment to teach pupils through metacognition and recognize the importance of brain science to teaching and learning.  Embedded in this philosophy are the principles of Multiple Intelligences (Howard Gardner 1983), which facilitates and inspires learning for all pupils and young people. Through our inquiry-based approach our pupils develop a natural curiosity for learning and for the world outside the classroom.

We believe that our philosophy of education instils a love of learning, it challenges pupils to develop their own minds and unique personalities, it allows us to truly know our learners and it gives us the capacity to address their individual needs.




Arrange Your Visit

If you would like to come and visit our school and find out how we are realising our vision, 

please contact our office at 786 943 720 or  office@embassyschool.pl to arrange a time to come and see us.


Latest news



Re-opening of the School Campus

The time of radical social distancing is now coming to an end and we need to adapt to a new, temporary arrangement on the way to learning to live within a new reality. For a few classes, it is the first week of the school comeback! All safety measures are being taken to maintain a secure environment for our students to thrive.

All regulations from the Ministry of Education and GIS (the Sanitary Inspection Authority) have been adopted. Additionally, we have increased the number of air filters on campus and have also procured a special anti-viral disinfectant mister (and mist) which adds to the high sanitary standards that we have maintained.

We will continue to do the best to support those who stay at home in a manner similar to that which we provide now, as reasonably as we can. We cannot wait to see you all! 🙂



Safety and the wellbeing of our community is our priority. This is why we approach the challenge that Covid-19 presents with the greatest diligence, care and caution. We are delighted to share with you that thanks to very kind collaboration with Diagnostyka we were able to quickly test all of our team – teachers, janitorial crew and the administrative staff for Covid-19. After carefully reviewing the results of the blood tests we received on Thursday, 21st May, we are relieved to inform you that all of our staff members are COVID free – they are healthy and in fact, have not had previous contact with the virus.
We look forward greatly to seeing you and your children again!


Covid 19 Response update


Early Years have returned to school! On the 5th of May, our youngest pupils were able to return to the Sunshine and Forest groups with much excitement.


Remote learning for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 9 until 24th May. Please prepare to return to school on Monday, the 25th May.

Remote learning for Year 5 and Year 6 until 31st May. Please prepare to return to school on Monday, the 1st June.


Every day at 19:00/ 7pm, one of our teachers is reading in his or her native language as a live stream on Facebook. Please click the Facebook link on the bottom of this page to find our page.








Latest photos from our gallery

MUN trip to Athens, February 2020

Music Salon, January 2020

Ski Camp, Italy, Jan 2020

Winter concert, Teatr Variete, Dec 2019

PTA, Fall Festival, October 2019

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The teaching and learning language of the school is English. We create special personalised programmes to help newcomers to English adapt as quickly as possible.

Our vision is to create a community of internationally-minded global leaders who care about making everyone’s tomorrow a better tomorrow.
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