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Embassy International School in Poland offers an educational experience for the international and local community of all ages, from 3 to 19, from Nursery (Kindergarten) to the end of high school exams (A levels).

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engagement – humility – dilligence

Our vision is to create a community of internationally minded global leaders who care about making everyone’s tomorrow a better tomorrow. With engagement, humility and diligence we aspire to model our vision for our learners.

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What makes us a top international school?


Teachers have 10+ years of experience


Countries our teachers have taught in


Student nationalities represented


Community events


Extracurricular activities


Teacher to student ratio

Why our school? Embassy: International School in Kraków (Poland)

Choosing education in our school guarantees many advantages.

First of all, we provide a high-quality education as we follow rigorous academic standards and work with experienced teachers who are well-versed in international curricula.

Secondly, we attract a diverse community of pupils from various cultural backgrounds. This environment fosters an inclusive atmosphere, promotes global awareness, and encourages pupils to discover different cultures and build bridges of understanding between people.

Thirdly, our curriculum has a broad scope, emphasising critical thinking, creativity, and global perspectives. We equip our pupils with skills that are valuable in a globalised world. They focus on developing intercultural competence, adaptability, and a global mindset, which prepare them for future opportunities in higher education and international careers.

Moreover, we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, music, and clubs. These activities provide pupils with opportunities to explore their interests, develop talents, and build well-rounded personalities.

Finally, attending an international school, just like ours, provides pupils with a global network of peers and connections. This can be valuable for future collaborations, internships, and career opportunities in different countries.

What do we offer?

Our learning path start with nursery and leads to A-levels. During Early Years we provide a stimulating environment that encourages social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development through play-based activities. The emphasis is on developing essential skills and preparing children for formal schooling. Primary school focuses on the International Primary Curriculum, and is extended with specialist lessons in subjects like art, music, physical education, and ICT. Pupils in secondary school follow a broad and balanced curriculum that fits their interests and future plans. Finally they are ready to take their A-levels which are subject-based qualifications that provide a deeper understanding of chosen subjects and are recognised for university admissions across the world. Upon successful completion of A-levels, pupils choose to pursue higher education at universities or colleges.

Who are our teachers?

We work with experienced teachers that have a deep understanding of the subjects they teach. They are well-versed in the curriculum, possess a broad knowledge base, and can effectively convey complex concepts to pupils. This expertise enables them to provide accurate and comprehensive instruction. They know how to establish routines, set expectations, and create a positive and organised learning environment that fosters pupil engagement and academic growth. In Embassy we believe that every pupil is unique, with different learning styles, abilities, and needs – our teachers use developed strategies to accommodate diverse learners, adapting their teaching methods and providing appropriate support and challenges to individual pupils. They are familiar with a variety of pedagogical techniques, instructional strategies, and assessment methods. The combination of experience and continuous growth contributes to the development of our effective educators.

How do we work with pupils?

Building positive relationships with pupils is crucial for effective learning. In our classes teachers foster a supportive and respectful classroom environment. Effective communication, constructive feedback, motivation – these are our keys to success.

International schools – what are they?

International schools are places that bring pupils from different cultural backgrounds together. We help them develop a broader perspective on the world, and to build bridges of understanding between each other as people and as members of a global community. By attending British international schools in Cracow (Poland) children gain insights into different customs, traditions, beliefs, and ways of life. Thanks to this they can develop a more informed and empathetic understanding of people from various backgrounds. Interacting with classmates from diverse backgrounds hones students’ communication skills, as they learn to navigate linguistic and cultural differences – a skill that cannot be overestimated, especially in today’s interconnected world. Diverse classrooms of our international school of Kraków also bring a richness of experiences and viewpoints. Discussions become more dynamic, and students are exposed to a wider range of perspectives, enriching the overall learning experience. As part of the movement of British international schools in Poland, we are deeply aware of the importance of cooperation; therefore we aim to prepare our students for a globalised world and equip them with the skills and attitudes needed in diverse societies.

Advantages of British international schools

Our British international school in Kraków provides a range of university and career opportunities thanks to to the unique experiences, skills, and perspectives that students gain from such an education. These benefits can open many doors as universities and colleges value students with international backgrounds due to their diverse perspectives and experiences.

Just like other British international schools, we provide rigorous scholastic programmes and education in many different languages. Great language skills can be useful in international business, diplomacy, non-profit organisations and in many more establishments and fields. The friendships and networks that our pupils develop can span the globe – interacting with peers from diverse backgrounds helps also in gaining cultural sensitivity and effective communication skills, which are highly valued in a globalised workforce.

Our Cracow international school is a school worth choosing from the personal, individual perspective, as we provide a unique experience that often pushes and pulls people out of their comfort zones. Exposure to different educational systems and cultures enhance problem-solving skills, making students adept at solving complex situations. We also help our pupils in cultivating resilience, which is valuable in the face of challenges. This makes them leaders of the future, as people that understand diverse perspectives are more effective in managing teams and projects.

Attending any British International School is also a great way to enhance English language skills, which are valuable in academia and the global job market. Moreover, these establishments often provide additional language support for non-native English speakers, ensuring that they have the tools to succeed academically.

British International Schools incorporate global perspectives and topics into their curriculum, which helps in developing a well-rounded understanding of world affairs. It’s also the best option for families that value international mobility – British International Schools provide a consistent educational framework that can make transitions between countries smoother and provide a constant learning path for any pupil.

Levels of our British international school in Cracow

British international schools are present, valued and appreciated all over the world because they offer the British GCE A-Level system and IB Diploma. These are highly respected qualifications, internationally recognised, that can help gain admission to universities in various countries. We provide our students with education at different levels, from Kindergarten (preschool) to A levels.


Fees in our British school in Poland depend on the level of education. We require a registration fee and regular fees paid annually or monthly. Books are included in the fees.