Embassy International School is a privately owned business with three shareholders established in 2015. The school is governed by a board of two members, which consists of the school directors.  This ensures that educational interests are represented at the highest financial decision making level.

A number of policies and procedures are in place to create a framework for ethical running of the school, and these policies are subject to regular review by general staff meetings. The school aspires to membership of a number of international educational organisations which demand compliance with a code of conduct and ethics.

As we are in the process of membership application to these organisations we have adopted the code of ethics from the Council of International Schools, which we consider to be the most explicit and rigorous of all of the organisations we seek to join.

The Embassy International School has a wide range of policies to ensure fair, consistent, clear standards and practices as well compliance with applicable laws and ethical norms in education.

Academic Honesty Policy.
Absence and Punctuality
Admissions and Progression Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy
Assessment Policy for Lower Primary Upwards
Behaviour Policy
Child Protection Policy
Data Protection Policy
Drugs, Prohibited Psycho Active Substances, and Dangerous Objects Usage and Possession Policy
Equality and Diversity Policy
Exclusions Policy
Exam Presentation Policy
Food Policy
Head Grievance Policy
Homework Policy
Language Policy
Mobile phones policy
Parent Grievance/Complaint Policy
Predicted Grades Policy
Quality Control Policy
Study Leave Policy
School Special Educational Needs Policy
Staff Grievance Policy
Whistle-blower Protection Policy
Word Processor Policy