Peace One Day

Date: 23rd September 2019

On Friday, the 20th September, our school participated in the global celebration of Peace Day again.

There were many activities across all the age groups to help our pupils think about the rather abstract concept in concrete ways.

The day ended with after school fun and games organised by the PTA.

Thank you to all our staff and parents who made this a day to remember and one that will plant the seeds for our children to further think about how they can be involved in making everyone’s tomorrow a better tomorrow.


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New School Year

Date: 4th September 2019

The new school year has started and we welcome back all returning pupils, teachers and support staff. We also warmly welcome all the new families joining Embassy International School and our new teachers. We hope this will be a wonderful year for us all!

Summer Concert, June 2019, Variete Theatre

Date: 30th July 2019

Tuesday, the 25th of June, saw the Theatre Variete transformed into the showcase venue for our pupils from Early Years, Primary and Secondary.



Farewell Dinner for Yr 13, June 2019

Date: 26th June 2019

It is with sadness and pride and hope for bright futures, that we say goodbye to the students who have completed their A-levels this year.


They have added value to the school in many ways and we know they will go on to make everyone’s tomorrow a brighter tomorrow.


Thank you for all the teachers who helped prepare them for their exams and the next phase of their lives.


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Early Years Trip to Museum of Natural History, June 2019

Date: 12th June 2019

On Friday the 7th June, the children visited the Natural History Museum of Krakow. It was fantastic and we all enjoyed seeing the snakes, spiders, butterflies, fish skeletons and hearing all about the Wooly Rhino, which was the only one ever found complete.and here in Poland.It was such a sunny and beautiful day we took the children to the park close to the museum where they played until our bus arrived.


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At school during Green Camp Week, June 2019


Last week, pupils who stayed at school had some fun too. They learnt about Kraków and its architecture and even created their own town house in clay during an art workshop!


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Green Camp, Radków, June 2019


From the 2nd to 8th of June, 72 pupils and 9 teachers, attended our third Green Camp.

This year they went to a new venue, Camp Radków, and experienced the many activities on offer on the site and nearby.


Despite the weather forecast being less than favourable, they had a wonderful week with only a few activities interrupted by rain.


Some of the highlights were: Archery and Kayaking, Cycle rides and Night games, World games and searching for Fossils, a visit to an old coal mine and hike to the h peak Szczeliniec and a visit to the fascinating rock formations at Błędne Skały, camp fire and Grill as well as rock climbing on a climbing wall.


Apart from this, the whole group were able to just enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings and wonderful company.


Thank you to all of our staff who accompanied our children, making sure that they were safe, well cared for and having the best time possible.


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International Day, May 2019


The 31st of May saw our third International Day celebration as a school and it was a huge success.

Our pupils had the opportunity to learn about 10 different countries in depth, exchanged information about their own countries of origin, participate in debates regarding themes relevant to the spotlight countries and experience games/ activities from those countries, including a lesson in cooking Indian food.


The sun shone all day and the atmosphere during the parade and the different stations was one of joy and fun.


Some parents were able to participate in the fun of the day as well, and after being greeted by the PTA on the patio, they could hear Lindsay Davidson explain the “why” of International Day, before seeing the stations for themselves.


The day ended with an International Bake Sale, featuring food from many different countries for all to try. In addition to this sharing together, we also raised over 1000 zl for the charity: “a little bit of HOPE” in Uganda, which will be used to buy seeds for their school farm project. The resulting harvest will be the basis of many school lunches for their pupils. A worthy partnership.


Photographs by Anna Tarko

Photos can be found in our Gallery

Yr 9 trip to the Amber Museum, May 2019

Date: 20th May 2019
“On Monday, the 13th of May, pupils from  Year 9 visited the Amber Museum in Krakow. They saw different types of amber and some organisms trapped in them.


Yr 7 Lung Dissection, April 2019

Date: 15th May 2019

“In April, Year 7 pupils started learning about the respiratory system.


Yr 5 & 6 Trip to the Stained Glass museum, May 2019


“On Wednesday, the 8th May, Year 5 & 6 went on a field trip to the Stained Glass Museum.


Football Club competition


“On the 17th of April the football club from years 3 – 6 were invited to participate in a friendly football competition at ISK, Lusina. The children played together as a team, supporting and cheering each other on and showed great sportsmanship.


Hiking Club Trip to Tyniec, March 2019

Date: 5th April 2019

“On the 23rd of March, the Hiking Club gathered together under the Dragon Statue next to the Wawel Castle – our target was Tyniec, a small town just outside of Kracow.


Secondary Ball: Shrek themed, March 2019

Date: 4th April 2019

On the 8th of March, the Assembly Hall was transformed into a magical swamp, with elements of palatial structures and themed snacks.


Rome Trip, Yrs 5 & 6, March 2019

“What one learns in a classroom is just a very small part of the learning process.  The real learning starts when one crosses borders and travels miles for the real knowledge.”  Vivek Sahni


Music and Poetry Salon, Year 5 and up, March 2019

Date: 2nd April 2019

On the 22nd March, our students from year 5 and up were able to showcase what they have learnt regarding poetry and the value of memorising poems by heart.


IPC Exit point: Water and World Water Day, March 2019


On Friday, the 22nd March all of the Primary pupils were involved in an Exit Point for IPC. The topic was water and they learnt about water conservation and water shortages around the world, as well as the water cycle.


Sushi Workshop with the journalist Marcin Żyła, March 2019

Date: 27th March 2019

On Thursday, 21st of March, our pupils had the incredible experience of attending a Sushi Workshop with the journalist Marcin Żyła.


Guest lectures: Prof. Jan Czekaj, Feb and March 2019


On Mondays, 25th of February and 4th of March, our pupils had the opportunity to attend lectures with professor Jan Czekaj. The lectures were devoted to financial markets and how to invest money.


Burns Supper at Avangarda Restaurant, March 2019

Date: 22nd March 2019

On Saturday, 16th March, Staff, parents and pupils from secondary celebrated the life and works of Scottish poet and revolutionary, Robert Burns, in the form of a Burns Supper.


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