PTA Library Donation Day

Date: 12th October 2020




The PTA donated funds to the Embassy School International Library. It will support purchasing new equipment and fascinating books that will help to develop pupils’ interests. We will set up a survey to find out the most popular book titles among the students.


Stay tuned for the outcome.


Date: 6th October 2020





Early Years getting settled into the new school year with fun painting activities and becoming little MasterChefs. – Jayne Lucas 






“Year 5 went to pick up free tree seedlings from the National Forest Association, not far from the school. We talked about trees, why a tree is a symbol of our school, why are they important. Pupils found out more about global warming, cleaning the air, how trees become the habitats of many birds and insects and we also realised how fragile they can be as seedlings. We planted two trees, not far from the school.” – Paulina Krok 






Having such a variety of languages in our school is one of our greatest strengths and, as language helps to define who we are, we wanted to promote the importance of communication and identity. 


A few fun activities showing the importance of interaction between people, and reflecting on the diversity of languages in our school. – Nacho Barrajón 






Key Stage 3 went on a looooooong walk around Kraków in induction week. The main theme was “Scary Stories from Old Kraków” – so that is why some pupils seem to be tortured. – Zuzanna Iwańska 






As part of ice-breaking and getting to know each other during the first week of the new school year, on 4th September pupils from Year 10 to Year 13 participated in a tour to Podgorze District. Starting from Krak’s Mound step by step, in chronological order, they analysed the fascinating history of Podgórze, from prehistoric times up to the modern era. During the tour, groups of pupils shared stories with each other about the most interesting monuments such as: Main Market Square of the city of Podgorze, The Egle Pharmacy or Schindler’s Factory. After 3 hours of walking, pupils spent wonderful time playing in Laser Park. – Anna Barnaś 











We are finally back at school! After vacation, we are ready for new exciting adventures! Due to safety reasons, we continue to take steps to promote a hygienic and healthy environment for our pupils, teachers and community members. See you in classes and on the playground!

University preparations- Alumni meet up

Date: 28th May 2020

We are proud to announce that thanks to their consistent determination, diligent work, and adaptability in the face of uncertain times, the future alumni of EIS have been accepted to the world’s leading universities such as the London School of Economics, ESADE, the University of Rotterdam, the Loughborough University, the University of Amsterdam, the University of Stirling and Krakow’s very own the Jagiellonian University.

Family is how we like to call our EIS international community. It is why our priority is to support one another, sharing advice and experience for others to learn. Recently, an online conference has been held with the students of year 12, 13, the headmaster- Mr. Lindsay Davidson, the year 13 tutor and university advisor- Mr. Roz and all of the EIS’s graduates of the last 2 years. They shared valuable information about the life of a university student, ranging from describing the differences between high school and university education to teaching how to manage your laundry… 😉 Huge thanks to our alumni!

We, as a community of academics coming from cultures of contrasting norms, know how important it is to prepare our students not only academically, but for the challenges, of a completely new environment they will soon find themselves in. 

Embassy staff have been tested for Covid-19. Thank you DIAGNOSTYKA!

Date: 25th May 2020

Safety and the wellbeing of our community is our priority. This is why we approach the challenge that COVID 19 presents with the greatest diligence, care and caution. We are delighted to share with you that thanks to the very kind collaboration with Diagnostyka we were able to quickly test all of our team- teachers, janitorial crew and the administrative staff for COVID 19. After carefully reviewing the results of the blood tests we received yesterday, we are relieved to inform you that all of our staff members are COVID free  – they are healthy and in fact, have not had previous contact with the virus. 🙂 

We look forward greatly to seeing you and your children again!

Burns Supper, February 2020, Avangarda

Date: 23rd March 2020

On Saturday, the 29th of February, a large group of teachers, parents and other guests (which also included pupils from year 12 and 13) gathered at the Avangarda restaurant for the 4th annual Burns supper.


The traditional elements of a Burns Supper: the piping in of the Haggis, the Ode to the Haggis, the “Immortal memory of Robert Burns” and the toasts to the lads and lassies were interspersed with lively conversation, traditional food and music.


It was an unforgettable evening and special thanks go to Dr Alberto Massimo for his wonderful “Immortal Memory toast” and effortless piano playing, Jayne Lucas and her husband Alan for their witty toasts to the lads and lassies, Dr Lindsay Davidson and Izabella Davidson for their enthusiastic piping, Benedykt Walerowski for his energetic drumming and finally to Mrs Magdalena Pilarz-Bobrowska for the wonderfully sung Robert Burns poems.


Special thanks to Ewelina Soltys for organising this evening and to all who attended.


More photos can be found in the Gallery. Photographs by Anna Tarko fotobiografie.pl

Music Salon, January 2020

Date: 4th March 2020

During the last week of January, another important event took place: our Music Salon.

The Music Salon is an opportunity for pupils taking instrument lessons at school to practice their performance skills and steady their nerves in front of a friendly and receptive audience.

During the evening, we had instrumental performances on the piano, guitar and violin as well as two choir performances by the Polish Song Club and the Primary choir.


We would like to thank all performers for their hard work practicing their instruments (which they have to do in their free time). We are also grateful to all the parents and teachers that supported our young performers by coming to the Salon evening.


Finally, we thank your music teachers: Gosia Marchwiana, Benedykt Walerowski, Marta Ziobro, Karolina Sokołowska, Dominik Plebanek and Zuzanna Iwańska for preparing our pupils for these events and instilling in them the skills necessary to keep growing in confidence and ability.

Photos can be found in our Gallery

MUN trip to Athens: February 2020

Date: 20th February 2020

During the last week before the Winter Break and into the holiday week, a group of our pupils, accompanied by Mr Michalik and Dr Kotulska, attended the third MUN conference in Athens.


This was also the third trip for our MUN team during this school year.

Once again they had prepared their position papers according to the topics and countries allocated to them. They took part in Debates surrounding these topics and were in 7 different committees. They also had to propose resolutions and take part in emergency (unprepared) debates.


Our students acquitted themselves very well and came away with 4 Best Delegate awards. Congratulations to Niyadhi Chandirasekaran, Michał Kotulski, Elia Müller and Sara Stockdale. 

We are grateful to these pupils for giving up part of their break to represent our school and thank them for their time and effort preparing for this trip. Our heartfelt thanks also to Mr Michalik and Dr Kotulska for accompanying our pupils and taking care of their safety and well being.


Photos can be seen in the Gallery

Sustainability Week: January 2020


The last week of January was Sustainability week and the entire school, with the exception of the exam years, took part.

Below are a few bits of feedback from various parts of the school. 


Ski Camp, January 2020, Italy

Date: 17th January 2020

A large group of pupils from Embassy attended this year’s Ski Camp, from the 4th to the 11th January.


They returned to Italy and enjoyed the hospitality in their hotel and at the top of the pistes, especially the many Italian dishes. The slopes were in optimum conditions for good days of skiing and after the warm up exercises daily, they spent most of the day on skis and snowboards.

In the evenings, they were able to relax in the pool and even had a pizza party and disco one evening.


Mid week, they explored the delights of Venice with a guided tour and a glass blowing workshop, before returning to the slopes for two more days of skiing.


The returned to Krakow exhausted, but full of smiles and happy memories.


Photos can be found in the Gallery

Winter Concert, Dec 2019, Teatr Variete

Date: 14th January 2020

The Winter concert is a joyous celebration of the hard work our pupils have done in the fields of Music and Drama.


On the 19th of December, many parents were able to join our pupils and staff at the Teatr Variete and enjoy the concert that they had prepared.


Thank you to our music department: Ms Gosia Marchwiana, Ms Zuzanna Ivanska and Mr Benedykt Walerowski as well as Hip Hop coach, Mr Steve Krystek and Choir director Mrs Joanna Gutowska. Thanks also for the Drama elements, which were supervised by Ms Penny Turner and the stage design by Ms Dorota Zaleska.

Photographs by Anna Tarko can be found in our Gallery 

MUN conference in Szczecin

Date: 4th December 2019

On the 14th of November 6 of our pupils, accompanied by Mr Michalik set out on the overnight train for Szczecin and the 4th MUN conference pupils from our school have attended.


This was the 10th Anniversary of the Steti MUN and the conference was open to 150 delegates, with the following committees to choose from: Security Council, Economic and Social Council, Disarmament and International Security Committee, Human rights Council, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, United Nations Women, United Nations Commission on Science and Technology, World Health Organisation.


Our pupils were divided into different committees, where they each had to present a position paper, on the topic being debated within that committee and representing their assigned country’s point of view.


They all participated well and we congratulate Sara Stockdale for being awarded the best delegate award in her committee. Basia Gąsienica and Szymon Zarzycki received honourable mentions as well.


Thank you to the pupils for their hard work in preparing for this conference and representing our school well.

Thank you also to Mr Michalik who accompanied them and made sure everything went smoothly.

More Photos can be found in the Gallery

PTA Fall Festival, October 2019

Date: 15th November 2019

On the Friday before the half term break, the PTA put on a Fall Festival for our pupils in Primary and Early Years.

The lovely decorations were a collaborative effort by Miss Dorota and parents. PTA volunteers came out to support the decorating of the Assembly Hall and the activities for Early Years and Primary classes in the afternoon.

Thank you to all parents who helped with this day and those who sent candy to share with the children. There was an overwhelming response for volunteers and the PTA are truly grateful. Our pupils had a lovely time. Special thanks from the PTA to Maia’s mom Ania for donating the photo booth decorations and much more.

More photos in the Gallery

Integration Trip, Upper Secondary, October 2019

Date: 7th November 2019

On Monday the 14th of October many pupils from Upper Secondary followed in their younger colleagues footsteps and had their own Integration trip with their peers. Their time followed a very similar format.


Although each year the main goal of the trip is for our pupils to get to know each other and form strong working relationships, we also try to spotlight a core value over the length of the trip; the theme of this year’s trip was communication. 


We started off the trip by doing a survival camp at the base of Babia Góra. Each team was given certain tasks and the groups had to communicate with each other in order to complete these tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. These tasks included capturing the flag and building a fire using only flint. In the evening of day 1 we had our egg-drop competition. The main idea of the activity was for students to formulate a plan for how they are going to build a structure out of straws to protect an egg being dropped from the first and then second story balcony. The tricky part here was that each team had to break up into two teams and build two separate parts of the structure communicating what it would look like using only words. Ultimately, when each part of the structure was built, each team then had only 2 minutes to put the pieces together and then test out the effectiveness of the structures. Not all eggs survived, but two teams managed to build structures that protected their egg even when dropped from the second story balcony!


On the second day we hiked the tallest mountain in the Beskids, Babia Góra. Our guide discussed the nuances of the park as we ascended uphill towards our windswept goal. When we reached the top we had a view into the beautiful countryside of both Poland and Slovakia. For our dinner we cooked sausages over the bonfire and sang songs to the tune of Mr. Benek’s guitar music. 


On the final day our group visited the Fiat factory where we got to see how a car is produced from the beginning to the end. It was amazing to see how automated the whole process is and how quickly the assembly car workers could build one car. 


All in all the trip went according to plan and we were blessed with extraordinary fall weather. As we say in Polish ‘Polska Złota Jesień!’ (Golden Polish Autumn). 


Thank you to all the pupils who participated and all the staff who made these trips a huge success.

More photos can be found in the Gallery.

Integration Trip Lower Secondary, October 2019


On Monday the 7th of October, many pupils from Lower Secondary joined their peers and their form tutors as they set off for the Beskid Żywiecki region.


They spent 3 days exploring strategies for teamwork, goals of teamwork and getting to know their new class mates.


Activities that helped in the process included a whole day hike to the summit of Babia Góra, strategy games, the egg drop challenge, presentations of what they had learnt, Zumba and Belgijske dance lessons and a film evening.


Thank you to all the pupils who participated and all the staff who made these trips a huge success.

More photos can be found in our Gallery.

Peace One Day

Date: 23rd September 2019

On Friday, the 20th September, our school participated in the global celebration of Peace Day again.

There were many activities across all the age groups to help our pupils think about the rather abstract concept in concrete ways.

The day ended with after school fun and games organised by the PTA.

Thank you to all our staff and parents who made this a day to remember and one that will plant the seeds for our children to further think about how they can be involved in making everyone’s tomorrow a better tomorrow.


For more photos, please visit our Gallery

New School Year

Date: 4th September 2019

The new school year has started and we welcome back all returning pupils, teachers and support staff. We also warmly welcome all the new families joining Embassy International School and our new teachers. We hope this will be a wonderful year for us all!

Summer Concert, June 2019, Variete Theatre

Date: 30th July 2019

Tuesday, the 25th of June, saw the Theatre Variete transformed into the showcase venue for our pupils from Early Years, Primary and Secondary.



Farewell Dinner for Yr 13, June 2019

Date: 26th June 2019

It is with sadness and pride and hope for bright futures, that we say goodbye to the students who have completed their A-levels this year.


They have added value to the school in many ways and we know they will go on to make everyone’s tomorrow a brighter tomorrow.


Thank you for all the teachers who helped prepare them for their exams and the next phase of their lives.


Photos of their farewell dinner can be found in the Gallery

Early Years Trip to Museum of Natural History, June 2019

Date: 12th June 2019

On Friday the 7th June, the children visited the Natural History Museum of Krakow. It was fantastic and we all enjoyed seeing the snakes, spiders, butterflies, fish skeletons and hearing all about the Wooly Rhino, which was the only one ever found complete.and here in Poland.It was such a sunny and beautiful day we took the children to the park close to the museum where they played until our bus arrived.


More photos can be found in our Gallery

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