Book Day 2024

World Book Day celebrated in our school on April 26 was marked with joy, laughter and most importantly unbridled love for books and reading.

Aside from impressing us all with fabulous costumes of their favourite book characters, our pupils had a chance to participate in two special events: the Bake Sale featuring the most delicious goodies (not a single crumb was left on the plates today) and finally a long awaited Book Fair. The latter event wouldn’t have been possible without our community’s tremendous engagement ⎯ thanks to everyone’s contribution we were able to offer a new life to countless pre-loved books and raise a princely sum for the Unicef Club’s charity fund.

Let’s not forget about a special collaborative project that all Primary pupils have been working on for the whole past week – a book about everyone and everything that establishes the institution and the community of EIS.

The results of their efforts were then presented during today’s weekly assembly focusing on Enquiry, this time dedicated to an exceptional celebration of World Book Day.

Finally last but by no means least, we’d like to mention one of the most fulfilling activities that sparked our pupils’ interest and engaged them in exploring the depths of our school’s continuously expanding library… the Book Scavenger Hunt. Primary pupils went on a thrilling quest to find all sorts of books relying on nothing but a short and vague clue. And they sailed through it without any difficulties!

To all the pupils, teachers and parents who made today possible – thank you.

Together we made some new wonderful memories.