Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Any school, no matter how large or small, young or old, needs a platform through which the Governors (in this case the Zarząd and Educational Leaders) can listen to the views of the most important stakeholders – the families who use the school.

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is that platform. One purpose of the PTA is to gather viewpoints from the community of parents about the school’s work and inform the educational and business leaders of any concerns, ask questions and also provide an opportunity for the leaders to explain any important decisions which need to be taken and which may require explanation.

This is also the platform through which the educational and business leaders will present the strategic school development plan and update the community on progress.

The Chair will be a parent whilst the members will be one parent per class nominated and, in the event of multiple nominations, elected by a simple majority of parents from each class.

The PTA has a second function, also of great importance – to organise and bring vitality to our parent community.

The Parent Teacher Association creates social events to integrate and support the growth of our community. The Chair will lead in these activities and will be provided with secretarial support by the school. A senior member of staff, or nominated representative will attend all PTA activity organisation meetings on behalf of the school.