Photo gallery

Photo gallery

Hiking Club Trip to Tyniec, March 2019

Secondary Ball: Shrek themed, March 2019

Rome Trip, Yrs 5 & 6, March 2019

Music and Poetry Salon, Year 5 and up, March 2019

IPC Exit point: Water and World Water Day, March 2019

Guest lectures: Prof. Jan Czekaj Feb and March 2019

Burns Supper at Avangarda Restaurant, March 2019

TEDxEmbassySchoolKrakow Salon, March 2019

Winter Concert at the Manggha centre, Dec 2018

Carnival around the World, February 2019

MUN group trip to Amersfoort, Gröningen and Brussels, February 2019

Music Salon, February 2019

Sustainability Week in Early Years

Sustainability Week: Friday – Science Fair and poetry contests

Sustainability Week: Thursday – Science Fair preparation

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