Sports Day 2024

This year’s Sports Day was celebrated with vibrant enthusiasm and participation from staff and students from both Primary and Secondary years. The event aimed to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and cultural exchange.

The event included track and field activities (like sprints), alongside fun games such as dodge ball, tug-of-war, tic tac toe, shooting the target, spongebob race and fireball.

Our teachers also joined in for friendly matches of soccer, basketball, and volleyball, creating a joyous and competitive atmosphere. Barbecue held during a break between engaging activities added flavor to the event, allowing everyone to savor the most delicious dishes.

The day concluded with an award ceremony recognizing outstanding performances and the spirit of sportsmanship.

Sports Day organised in our School was a memorable event that not only showcased athletic talent but also strengthened the bonds of friendship and cultural understanding among the school community.