Kristian Cejka

Kristian Cejka, Principal of Embassy International School.
My personal motto is that education, combined with hard work, is a key to a person’s success in life and I try to model this at all times. I believe in the fundamental importance of education and I will be working very closely with Dr Lindsay Davidson, who will remain playing a vital role in the school, to ensure that Embassy International School continues to provide the highest standard of education possible. I have been teaching for over 22 years, both in the U.K. and overseas, and have been in leadership since my second year of teaching. Embassy International School will be my fifth headship.

Originally, I come from the Czech Republic where I graduated from the J.E. Purkyne University with a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education (QTS), specialising in Drama and PE. In 2008, I obtained a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, from the University of East London and my NASENCo (Special Education Needs) qualification from the Institute of Education in 2012. I have also trained as an Independent School’s Inspector with the ISI Inspectorate in London and worked as a Specialist Leader in Education advising and supporting a number of schools in the London area on how to develop and improve their systems and procedures in the following areas: Assessment, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. As of December 2023, I am NPQH (National Program Qualification for Headteachers) qualified.

Wherever I live, I believe in being part of a community, in understanding the traditions and heritage of the variety of people who have come together to make this community and in respecting the host nation. This way we are able to have an impact not only on our pupils’ lives but the entire community. I was a committee member of Mountain Clubs in Kenya and Uganda and volunteered at the Wildlife and Environmental Society in Uganda as their Educational Officer. When living in Kenya, I sat on a Board of a local Orphanage and helped to set up an independent and sustainable income for them.