Lindsay Davidson

Lindsay Davidson, PhD, co-founder and Head of the Embassy International School.

Lindsay Davidson BMus(Hons), Dip.Mus.Ed, PGCE, MA(Ed), PhD, has taught at all levels, from Nursery all the way to University, with teaching roles from Primary Class Teacher, to Literature, English, History, Music, Teacher Training, Composition. He has been Exams Officer, University and Careers Advisor, IB DP Coordinator, Deputy Head, Advisory Board Chair, he has chaired a music examination board in Scotland and has even served a previous school as “Musician in Residence” and has led many music ensembles as musical director, amongst other things.

Lindsay is also an active composer and musician and has performed, given workshops and lectures in over 45 countries on 5 continents, and has included visits to local and international schools in his travels for over 20 years. Lindsay ran his own music school with over 200 students before coming to Poland. He also translates from Polish to English, mainly academic texts in the field of theory of literature, but also musicology.

Lindsay believe that humility is when the world on the outside can be experienced by the inner world, that engagement means we listen to our interlocutors, that diligence is that we never give up until we know we have done everything possible and taken the line of inquiry all the way to the end.

Lindsay’s dream is that Embassy International School will continue to grow as a place where children are valued and heard, and where the community can come together to work, together, on making our world and our future better.

He became a teacher because few people believed in him as a child, but those who did were truly inspirational.

The sense of his professional life is to make everyone’s tomorrow a better tomorrow. The worth of his private life is his family.