Basic Polish language course for foreigners

Leader: Ewelina Warumzer (

Brief description: Learn the basics of Polish language: how to communicate in everyday situations.

Age restrictions: Available for both children and parents

Time: Mondays Children: 15:30 to 16:20 , Thursdays Adults: 15:30 to 16:30

Location: Room B 0.1



At the Embassy School we believe that the well-being and comfort of our entire community is important, and that includes helping parents settle into the local environment and also to be able to communicate as fully as possible with each other.


We recognise that many parents arrive with little or no Polish. We therefore offer Polish lessons to our community to help survive in Kraków when you arrive and make friends, or at least be able to communicate, with people in the local community.


We would like to invite you to our Basic Polish Language Course where you can learn how to communicate in everyday situations:

  • shops and markets
  • restaurants
  • playgrounds
  • taking a taxi, bus, tramp
  • around town – directions
  • at a hotel
  • sport centres
  • at the doctor
  • post office


You will also be able to speak about yourself (where you are from, etc.) what you do in your free time, hobbies, weather, future plans, and know how to arrange a meeting.


Do zobaczenia! See you!