Leader: Dorota Zaleska (d.zaleska@embassyschool.org)

Brief description: Play with clay and decorate it with child- friendly, non- toxic underglazes. It will take two to three weeks to get the pieces ready. They need to dry and then will be fired twice in a ceramic kiln in Kaolin Studio. All the materials and firings included. Please bring a big, adult size used T-shirt to wear during the session.

Age restrictions: Children from Year 1 to Year 6

Time: Wednesdays 15:40 – 16:30

Location: Project room in building C and Kaolin Studio in Kraków




Embassy School Ceramic Club


Together with our artist in residence, Ms Dorota Zaleska, we will explore the magical world of clay. Ms Dorota studied ceramics and industrial design to a degree level and has worked with clay for over 15 years.


During our weekly meetings at the Embassy International School we will learn different hand-building techniques such as pinching, coiling, slab building, using plaster moulds and sculpting clay. Then we will add decoration using a variety of underglaze colours and oxides.


Once a month our Club will be visiting a small local pottery called Kaolin Studio. At the studio we will learn how to work on a potter’s wheel and we will find out more about ceramics technology, including mixing, wedging and kneading of clay, loading and firing kilns and glazing techniques.




Here is a list of creative topics for the Autumn Term:

  • Introduction to clay tools, H&S in ceramics, creation of small pinched and coiled pots
  • Autumn leaves, using slab rolling and pressing techniques to create small functional bowls
  • Kiwi birds, clay sculptures – hand built, finished with oxides
  • Pottery visit – tour of Kaolin Studio, explanation of basic pottery processes, equipment and technology.
  • Glazing of pieces created at the Embassy International School
  • Name plaques, clay letters applied onto pre-rolled clay slabs
  • Halloween Monster mugs with handles, coiled functional pots of an own design
  • Remembrance poppies, inspired by an art Installation around Tower of London from 2014
  • Pottery visit – introduction to wheel throwing technique, finishing and glazing of pieces created at the school
  • Chameleons of Madagascar, clay sculptures – hand built, finished with colourful underglazes
  • Advent lanterns, joined ornamental clay slabs with a place for a tea light
  • Christmas tree ornaments created using all kinds of techniques
  • Pottery visit – throwing on the potter’s wheel, finishing and glazing of pieces created at the school
  • Napkin rings, functional rings of own design inspired by seasons and family occasions to celebrate meals
  • Decorating of any unfinished pieces, own projects as it’s our last meeting before Christmas


Ceramic Club 1

Ms Dorota with her ceramic poppies which were a part of Paul Cummins’ art installation around Tower of London in 2014.