Open Mic Night

On 26th of April we are hosting an Open Mic Night in Cafe Kładka and we want to invite you all to participate. For those of you who may not be aware what it is, it is an informal evening of music where anyone (teachers, parents and students of any skill level) are encouraged to perform. There will be microphones and a sound system available and there will also be a piano and an acoustic guitar if you wish to use them. You can also of course bring your own instruments and we will help you to set them up. 


There are no restrictions as to what you might perform (although you should bear in mind this is a family event). We will be happy to see our students and parents perform together if you want to help your child overcome their ‘stage fear’. Indeed we hope to avoid any fear whatsoever by making the event as relaxed as possible. The dress code is very informal and the place we have chosen is very cosy. It serves beautiful hot chocolate and lovely cakes. We hope it will be a wonderful night out for the whole school community.


The sign up list is open, so please let us know if you or your kid may be interested in performing. For that, please contact Ms Bożena Maher at