Science Club

Leader: Magdalena Węgrzyn (

Brief description: 

Kids’ lab science club applies project based learning in their workshops. They are arranged in thematic blocks. Each block consists of: an introduction, various experiments, individual and group work, as well as conclusive summary. Here is an exemplary list of topics: “Hand in hand with bacteria”, “Coconut or coco- seed?”, “Secrets coded in our genes”.

Age restrictions: Available to children from Year 1 to Year 13

Time: Monday 15:45 – 16:45

Location: Assembly, building A




What is Science Club?

It’s a journey into the world of science with scientists from Cracow’s best universities
as guides. It’s physics, chemistry and biology at child’s fingertips. Our classes are
conducted with methods based on experiments and drawing conclusions independently,
so that gaining knowledge is fun. We guarantee an innovative form of learning natural
sciences with children at the centre of events.


What do you get?

Innovative in terms of methodology natural sciences workshops per semester in
disciplines such as: physics, chemistry, biology, geology, climatology, conducted by
researchers from Cracow’s renowned universities.
Children experiencing science at the highest level, in direct contact with scientists,
in the cross-fire of children’s questions. materials for classes and professional equipment
of a young scientist.
Classes are conducted by scientists who work by day at research institutes of
Cracow’s universities, among whom you will find successful educators and popularizers of


Examples of our workshops:
• Chromatography of plant pigemnts.
• DNA extraction from plant and animal cells.
• Taxonomic challenge – how to count all butterflies all over the world?
• PH scale in our kitchen and bathroom.
• How many bacteria live on our hands?
• How to recognize science in magic tricks?
• How the sound is made?
• Density of substances.
• Chemical reaction vs. physical phenomenon.
• How do animals see the world?
• How to track animals in the forest?