Dress Code


In the interests of setting an atmosphere in which learning and membership of our community is pre-eminent, we have established a dress code.


Upon joining the school pupils will be issued with a small number of badges with the school logo on them. The badge should be added to the upper left hand side of a white shirt/blouse/polo top to be worn above dark trousers or knee length or longer skirts every day to the school.


Polo shirts with our logo are available to buy from the school office.


For special occasions


On special occasions we will require a formal uniform. As above, children should wear white shirts/blouses with or without the school logo above dark trousers or knee length or longer skirts and additionally:


  • Boys should wear our dark blue tie with logo;
  • Girls should wear our dark blue neck scarf or tie with logo;
  • Black or very dark shoes.


The Head of School will inform pupils of days and events where uniform is required.


Other items of clothing with the school logo are also available – sweaters, t-shirts, caps, cardigans, fleeces. Just ask in the office if there is something you would like.


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