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What to expect during a session?

  • A session last 60 minutes, including 5-10 minutes of relaxation. A session can be prolonged if necessary. At first a session can be physically demanding, however, it is adjusted to personal needs.
  • Vinyasa Krama is a dynamic type of yoga. This does not mean that it is dynamic training like aerobic exercise, but that the poses (asanas) change smoothly in accordance with the breath. So the focus on breathing is essential.
  • We practise on a yoga mat in comfy clothes and bare feet.
  • You should leave 2 hours from your last meal to avoid gastric discomfort, and so you can breathe easily.
  • Occasionally, music is played during the relaxation and/or the whole session.
  • Advanced yoga sessions are complemented with pranayama and meditation.



What to expect after… ?

With time, yoga practice will become relaxed and effortless. Asanas that activate muscles, bones and joints will physically boost the body. All inner organs, by getting more oxygen and proper stimulus, will influence the whole immune and hormone systems to work more efficiently. Circulation and blood pressure will be naturally regulated. Harmonic movement will increase vitality and flexibility. The pranayama and the meditation that intensely exercise the brain will bring emotional stability, inner peace and a state of bliss.

Since each aspect of the person is the subject of yoga, you will develop in a consistent way.

The awareness of the body and breath that is practiced during asana will in time percolate through to other aspects of life.



Me & Yoga

Ever since can I remember, my life has been driven by an inner need for self-development, to discover the world and human nature. Over the years this need and my curiosity have led me through the world of science, and I have PhD in Physics.


During my journey I’ve had many additional complementary experiences in varied fields, including music, poetry, acting, molecular biology, coaching, pranic healing, bio-energotherapy and, of course, yoga.


The first time I placed my feet on a yoga mat was at “Pracownia Macieja Wieloboba” in Kraków. My teacher there, Maciej, influenced my practice the most. Afterwards, thanks to frequent relocations, I benefited from practice with many instructors and had the pleasure to get to know different types of yoga, such as Vinyasa Krama, Vinyasa Flow, Asthanga, and Iyengar. Though I completed an Asthanga Yoga Teacher Training Program in the USA in 2012, I started giving private lessons in my favourite field –Vinyasa Krama.


In both my life and yoga practice I love to connect everything I know, all my experiences and knowledge, to make my practice more advantageous and to meet personal needs.


Yoga has helped me with health issues, enhanced my physical condition, brought a focus on breath and peace to my life, but the awareness is the benefit that I appreciate the most. At first I gained awareness of my body, then this was transmitted to other aspects of life and facilitated my growth as a person. I would like to share this quality and the other benefits of yoga with people who welcome positive changes in their lives and reach beyond their limits.


Monika Klisch




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