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The working, teaching and learning language of the school is English. We create special personalised programmes to help newcomers to English adapt as quickly as possible.





Anna Barnaś

Office Manager


Ewelina Sołtys

School Secretary





Office tel. +48 786 947 320


Embassy International School

ul. Edmunda Biernackiego 10

30-043 Kraków, Poland

tel. +48 786 947 320

Office: office@embassyschool.org

Admissions: admissions@embassyschool.org

Accounting (Ewa Bielak): accounting@embassyschool.org


European VAT Number (NIP): PL6762491287

REGON 36212298400000


Bank Account: BNP Paribas Bank S.A.

Account Number: 33-17501048-0000 0000 4110 8673

IBAN: PL33175010480000000041108673         BIC: PPABPLPKXXX    



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