Green Camp 2023

🌲 1st and 2nd Day: First day waking up in Green Camp Radków. After we woke up in the morning we journeyed for breakfast. We were ready for our first activities of the day which were team volleyball games. It was a hard challenge as we jumped straight into ultimate frisbee after a short break for water. The younger group went on a bicycle trip. As we got tired, we got ready for the great lunch the camp offered. We were really thrilled as the next activity was a three-hour hike from the beautiful Góry Stolowe to Schronisko Pasterskie. We had the pleasure to see the gorgeous nature Radków offers to its citizens.

🌲 3rd Day: After that, I had breakfast and Just Dance Karaoke and we sang and danced to different songs. Then we had team games. We played volleyball for our team games. First, we had a warmup playing banana tag and Chinese wall. After that, we played some volleyball. Then when it was lunchtime. After lunch, we played tchoukball and after that, we played some team games. For team games, we played Serve and Run. When we finished team games we had dinner.

🌲 4th Day: Today as soon as we woke up, we ate breakfast and went for a cycling trip. Our whole group went to town which is lactated 8.5 kilometres from the camp we are staying in. We got some ice cream and cycled back to the camp. After lunch, we had a little break, and we had some integration games which included basketball, and volleyball. Later, we had some free time, and we ate dinner. Now, we are preparing for some more activities and integration games. We all are having an amazing time here because we are finally able to spend time together, which is not just sitting in class, and studying.

🌲 5th Day: After waking up lazily we ate breakfast. Later, some of us enjoyed having a climbing session and some of us had integration games. There was an alarm and we were all very concerned that something had happened because it was not announced like our first alarm, but then we felt relieved because it was just a surprise for us on Children’s Day. We got Kaktus ice cream! In a hurry, we all ate lunch very fast and got on the bus for an hour-long drive to a gold mine (Kopalnia Zloty in Zloty Stok). It was a long drive, but it was worth the wait. We found out some new things about the place and how iron water is very good to drink for us- but it can be addictive. We also learned about how people lived there next to the mine. The most fun part for us was the train ride because it was fast and gave us some fresh air to breathe after being in a cave.