History field trip, May 2018

Our year 8/9 class has been able to make connections this term between two disciplines, history and geography. In History, we have explored such themes as the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution and the Reformation. In geography, we have mainly discussed topics connected to urbanization and the Industrial Revolution.
First, we visited the National Museum where we saw the Lady with an Ermine painting along with some other collections. Here we discussed the characteristics of the Renaissance and how we could spot them in the painting. 
The second place we visited was Collegium Maius, which is the oldest part of Jagiellonian University. Here we discussed the Scientific Revolution and how it came about because of some of the other movements. 
We finished our trip at the Krakow History Museum where students explored digital representations of Krakow throughout the centuries. We focused on the part of the exhibition which showed how the city grew during the Industrial Revolution and how remnants of these building projects of the 19th century can still be seen today.