Karma Kitchen, October 2017

A very enthusiastic group of volunteers from the non-profit foundation, Karma Kitchen, surprised our Primary students on Tuesday afternoon!

The volunteers travelled all the way from Berkeley, California to visit Krakow for the first time. Karma Kitchen, founded in 2007, offers cooked meals to guests as a gift in the spirit of service and generosity. Their mission is to create a more selfless world and a circle of giving by bringing their kindness to the everyone. Led by Audrey Lin, the Karma volunteers shared personal stories of generosity and how they have made a difference in the world by offering free food. We were so proud of our primary students who contributed to the presentation by talking about how they have been kind at school and how they can be more generous in their community. We would like to thank the volunteers of Karma Kitchen for taking the time to visit Embassy and for making our day a little bit brighter.