Music and Poetry Salon

On the 22nd of March, Time to be announced, in the Assembly Hall
“This Music and poetry salon event will give students from year 5 and upwards the opportunity to showcase their talents.
Years 5 – 10 have been holding in-class contests to find the winning recitation of a poem and the winners will perform at the salon.
They are learning poems off by heart in order to develop this skill so that poems become part of them.  It is also an essential skill for exam success at GCSE.
Pupils will also be performing as groups or as pairs.
The theme of the salon is “The Music Makers” based on the poem by O`Shaughnessey which Elgar set to music.
For the music portion of the evening, we are hoping the secondary choir will be able to perform, along with some classwork and videos from the music classes yr 5 and upward. There may also be individual performances by pupils taking piano and violin lessons.
It will take place in the assembly room, where the space is “intimate”…just how it needs to be for shy people who haven’t done this kind of stuff before.  It also somewhat prepares them for the rigours of a performance in a less known space.” Penny Turner