Bison Trip 13th November

On Tuesday 13th November we were privileged to be allowed to visit the bison reserve near Niepołomice. The weather was amazingly gorgeous…we saw the woods in all their glory.

Mr Michael  told us about the animals and the history of their return from almost certain extinction after the second world war. He introduced us to two veteran animals who live in the reserve. One  of them honoured us by approaching us quite closely.  We were separated from him and his companion by a strong fence, but even so the awesome power and charisma of the great beast was overwhelming.
Then Mr Michael took us to see some animals which are not so accustomed to people. It was SUCH a thrill to see them running and the disappearing into the trees of their natural habitat.

But our day did not end there. After feasting on pizza in the town square we went to the observatory where we were treated to a very interesting talk about the distances in the universe and how these can be calculated. The speed of the expansion of the universe from the time of the Big Bang, and the nature of Black Holes was also explored. Then we went into the planetarium and learned about the stars above us in a delightful presentation.  We also were fascinated by some experiments that are being carried out by the Observatory scientists.
All in all we had a lovely day and returned full of new knowledge and new connections with out nature and our universe.

We thank Michael from the Bison reserve and all those at the Observatory who made our time there so interesting.

More photos can be found in the Gallery