Early Years “Cleaning our Air”

“Last week two groups from Early years, having realised that they need plants in their rooms to keep the air healthy came to my room to learn how to propagate and look after plants. Each person received a pot and put a little gravel in it so that the soil would drain. Then each person added potting compost to their pot.  Then each person chose the kind of plant they would like to grow from a selection of plants that can grow easily and are good air cleaners. They had a choice of red/purple foliage, or green foliage, or fluffy leaves or smelly leaves.

These were planted in the soil. The pots were taken to their classrooms where they were watered to start the rooting process.  Early years were given a small light watering can which they will be able to use easily so that they will be able to take responsibility for the care of their own plants.

These plants will be transferred to larger pots in a few months time, and the original pots will be used to propagate the next generation of air cleaning plants….making every ones tomorrow a better tomorrow re air quality in school.” Penny Turner