Green Camp 2021

🌲1st Day: We’ve arrived safely at our Camp Radków. Because of beautiful weather, we started our activities. There is no time to waste!

🌲2nd Day: We went to the forest, high up the mountains. We were trying to fit through Błędne Skały- they are not typical rocks. In the evening we went to have a tournament. We had a lot of fun, we laughed, and we made new friends.

🌲3rd Day: We went across the lake to play a game. Then we moved to tchoukball, in which hitting trampolines with a ball is the main objective. Thankfully, our generous teachers (Mr Steve and Mr Wojtek) organized for us to go kayaking- everyone’s favourite activity. After dinner we all headed outside for a bonfire.

🌲4th Day: We woke up with a lot of energy. Our first activity was Tchouckball. Next one was climbing. The first few people to line up got to wear a harness and a helmet, they then got to climb up the wall and slide down and passed the harness on to the next person. We had a very fun day and finished it with playing a game called “Gangsters”.

🌲5th Day: Today’s first activity was climbing. It was quite challenging at the beginning, but once we all got used to it, we enjoyed it a lot. The second activity was archery. It was a sport we weren’t particularly familiar with, but it turned out to be such a fun one! After a very tasty lunch we packed up, got our jackets and hiking shoes and we went to Szczeliniec Wielki.