Green Camp Day 2

Another fun day at the Green Camp went by. Today’s news are from Wiktor, Michal and Vlad.

Today was a fun day but very active, so it made us tired, but good tired. We woke up at 7:10am and got ready for our first activity: hiking up the hill for about 2km just before breakfast. We walked up and back down and went to have some breakfast. We ate a lot as it was a buffet, so we could eat as much as we wanted.

After breakfast we had a small break and then we left on 30km bike ride to an ice cream place. To be honest we are not sure if that was our destination place or we just accidentally found it on our way, but it was worth it.

After coming back to the hotel we ate our well deserved lunch, but we didn’t have time to rest because we left on another adventure; we went down to the river where we all got wet and had to go through the rocks.

In conclusion the day was well packed with some great activities. 

Photos can be found in our gallery.