Green Camp Day 3

Today at Green Camp we split into two groups. The first group, (year 4 and up) went on a hiking trip into the mountains where they spent the night. You will hear all about their adventure in tomorrow’s email but there are a few pictures attached to give you an idea of their day. 

Ida in year 3 has written a summary of what the kids in the other group did today. Please see below.

“Today we went on our bikes and went to the football pitch to do some exercising. And we found a dog and named it Dash. Then we came back and got ready for our lunch.

After lunch we went to a playground and we were swinging on a rope which goes down and there was a net under it. Every time Neil goes on the rope and starts swinging he had to walk all the way back down.

We also had ice cream, it was vanilla and delicious! When we got back from the playground we got ready for our dinner. After dinner we had our shower and got ready for a pajama party. We did lots of dancing and we watched the film Shrek. Then we went to bed.”

Photos can be found in our gallery.