Green Camp Day 4

Today, on the 6th of June, we didn’t wake up in our hotel rooms as usual. Instead, we opened our eyes in a wooden shack at the top of the mountains, which we had hiked to yesterday. It has been a very tiring walk, because we have had to carry all our luggage on our backs.

It was very entertaining to look at the beautiful landscapes, though while a few unfortunate human beings almost died of hay-fever, well almost. Anyway, as we didn’t wake up in our homely hotel rooms we took a while to get up, but managed in the end.

After we got up, we had delicious breakfast, played with the cats and dogs and enjoyed ourselves with games playing volleyball and tiny baby hockey. After a while it was time to go and we packed our belongings trying to search for our lost socks.

Finally we started moving forward back to the hotel. We realized that moving back was much faster that climbing up, so after 3h of walking with our 10kg backpacks through the woods we made it to the hotel.

I forgot to mention, we had a little dog accompanying us all the way up and down the mountain, we called him Orio, as he was black and white. After dinner, we went swimming while other groups went to play tennis, football and went to cycle. 

Written by Elia. 
Photos can be found in our gallery.