Green Camp Day 6

Today we went to breakfast and then everyone did different activities. Some people went cycling, some played tennis and others played football and hockey. After we swapped activities and some kids went to play in the fountain. There were frogs in the fountain. After we went to change and get ready for lunch and for our trip. Then all the kids went rafting.

It was a race to see who would finish first. It was fun but there were some little waves. Next we walked back to the hotel and on the way we stopped to eat ice cream and go shopping at a small store.

When we came back from the hotel we went to eat dinner and after dinner we went to get ready for the disco party. At the disco we had lots of fun, music and popcorn.

We were dancing and singing. It was amazing! We are very happy to see you again tomorrow but we are sad to leave this hotel. We had an awesome time at Green Camp. The end!