Growing Our Air

On Thursday 17th November and again on Friday 18th November our young adults in Secondary made a very important presentation to different interest groups from our community. The theme of their talk was ‘Growing our Air’, an initiative to do something about the smog in Krakow.  On
Thursday they presented to parents and invited guests, and on Friday they showed their younger colleagues from Primary and teachers.

An important aspect of this activity was the research that Secondary undertook to find out which plants are best at cleaning our air, deciding which to recommend and why, the costing of the project,
organising the event, project management, creating the leaflets and the film (!!!), meeting deadlines and getting everyone behind the idea.

A hearty congratulations to Emilia, who had the idea, and who led the way in making this happen, and to all of her colleagues from Secondary who supported her and who were most persuasive during the events.

Photos and an instructional film can be found in the gallery.